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And the 2012 Best Israeli Awards go to...................!!

Day 1,865, 16:40 Published in Israel Israel by Joe Franco
And the award goes to…………….!!

The votes have been counted and recounted.
There was a smashing amount of 64 people who actually took the trouble of filling out the survey.

But lets get to the interesting results of this year election, of who was the Best Israeli 2012 in
a diversion of categories.

The awards go to………………….

1. Who had or has the best newspaper with pictures, humor or info in 2012?

Winner: danis1982 with 7 votes
Second: Joe Franco with 5 votes
Third: K0munista with 3 votes

2. Who was the Best or Greatest eIsraeli Country President in 2012?

Winner: Joe Franco with 164 points
Second: Rickolas with 136 points
Third: a neria with 120 points
Fourth: Sergeant Autumn with 115 points
Fifth: K0munista with 98 points
Sixth: Perfect.Knight with 86 points
Seventh: Meow2 with 76 points
Eighth: Eynetane with 63 points
Ninth: ArikAharon with 62 points
Tenth: eyalbaruch with 50 points

Note: we only had 10 different Country Presidents in 2012, so this is the complete list!

3. Wich eIsraeli was the best Community Leader/Organizer (also in IRC)?

Winner: Tsahi_k with 6 votes
Second: a neria and Joe Franco each with 5 votes
Third: Rickolas and Sandalaim with each 3 votes

4. Who was, in your opinion, the Best Economist or Trader in eIsrael?

Winner: Liransin with 8 votes
Second: a neria with 6 votes
Third: Israel3 with 4 votes

5. In 2012, who was the best Military Leader or Military Unit leader?

Winner: a neria with 14 votes
Second: Joe Franco with 7 votes
Third: Sandalaim with 7 votes

6. Who was the most innovative and creative member of Government as a minister, advisor or vice CP?

Winner: John_TG with 5 votes
Second: Joe Franco and Liransin with each 4 votes
Third: a neria, sandalaim, T.Godfather and Tsahi_k with each 3 votes

7. Nominate the most promising Newcomer in eIsraeli for this year

Winner: T.Godfather with 6 votes
Second: Hunter Willis with 5 votes
Third: Augustus Grim with 3 votes

Now for the most prestigious awards in the country, the biggest troll and the most overall best eIsraeli this year....

8. Who was the Best Troll of eIsrael, in articles, comments and IRC or just the most annoying person in our country?

Winner: Formic with 14 votes
Second: ArikAharon with 6 votes
Third: RoaiTG with 5 votes

9. Who is in your opinion, the Best eIsraeli overall in 2012?

Winner: Joe Franco with 9 votes
Second: a neria with 5 votes
Third: John_TG and Rickolas with each 4 votes

If you would award first to third place in every category with respectively 3 to 1 point, the overall best eIsraeli in 2012 would be:

Winner: Joe Franco with 12 points
Second: a neria with 11 points
Third: Tsahi_k , John_TG and T.Godfather with each 4 points

Because im hosting the awards I would like to nominate a neria as Israeli of the year 2012!

I have also asked some general questions about the current events in eIsrael:

As an organization, what should we have done with the eIDF....leave it as it was?

Instead of disbanding the eIDF, we could have also just temporarily until the finance improves, give no supplies to any Military Unit?

Should eIsrael stay in EDEN at this moment?

Thank you all for voting, and I hope you enjoyed this years eIsraeli of the Year awards!

Joe Franco


Toboco Day 1,865, 17:25

goood article. I like statistcs!

Apostolos6 Day 1,865, 17:34

Where is Fostiras nomination? 😛
Voted amico very good article

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Day 1,865, 18:03

Israel stay at EDEN - yes.

But EDEN should do more against the PTOing Israel from people of the EDEN countries..

John TG
John TG Day 1,865, 19:56

Voted, and thanks all the people who voted me!

Perfect.Knight Day 1,865, 22:03

hahahahaha brilliant. i waited for this. worth it 😃

T.FatherGO Day 1,865, 22:18

V , and thanks all the people who voted me 😃

Steveeven Day 1,866, 23:44

V. It's good to know public opinion.

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 1,866, 23:49


Kostas Fostiras
Kostas Fostiras Day 1,866, 23:55

great article

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,866, 00:52

V, great job Joe.

SandalaiM Day 1,866, 00:54

I took 3rd place like 3 times...

I'll have to work harder next year!


Meitnerium 109
Meitnerium 109 Day 1,866, 01:20

I wouldn't say I was the second best president this year, but glad to hear so!

Nice article, I can't believe I voted for the last one as well, how time passes by...

pablogarcia5 Day 1,866, 01:37


Rhodesknight Day 1,866, 01:38


TroyannForc Day 1,866, 01:50

John TG The Best!

liransin Day 1,866, 01:55

thanks to all my voters

Kiarash . Razor
Kiarash . Razor Day 1,866, 02:07

Congrats to all winners, runner ups, nominees and good effort from Joe with this much anticipated piece of media!

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,866, 02:39

good article 🙂

RoaiTG Day 1,866, 02:52

3. Wich eIsraeli was the best Community Leader/Organizer 5. In 2012, who was the best Military Leader or Military Unit leader? how did people forget lieber7 and sicarius?

P.S my trolling article are really awesome : D

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,866, 03:27

great job joe,, you won your own award

Tsahi K
Tsahi K Day 1,866, 04:17

Voted, and thanks all the people who voted me!

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,866, 04:49

wow... this is the best one yet Joe!

Voted & shouted 🙂

XENOFON knight of Bel Sten
XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Day 1,866, 04:50


Fay Bloomwood
Fay Bloomwood Day 1,866, 05:04

Great article Joe


A Chainsaw
A Chainsaw Day 1,866, 05:04


Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,866, 07:59


Terciopelo Day 1,866, 09:28

awesome stuff!!!! : D : D

congrats all winners.....o7

Todor Gerdzhikov
Todor Gerdzhikov Day 1,866, 09:32

nice awards

MrBannana Day 1,866, 09:49

Great Article! and I can say from everyone:

"The Best Article of the year" goes to Joe Franko

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,866, 12:16

Third: a neria with 120 points

loled hard

449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Day 1,866, 12:32

@Darren OKitty
I`m with you.
I think I was CP 5 days in 2012.

Any way - thanks very much for voting `a neria`, it is very nice to see. 🙂

Many voters - That`s good, unless the PTO decided to vote here too.

תודה לכל מי שהצביע עבורי, נחמד מאד לראות. 🙂

בנוסף, כמות מרשימה של מצביעים - עובדה משמחת, אלא אם הפי-טי-או החליט להצביע גם כאן.

Hunter Willis
Hunter Willis Day 1,867, 08:18

Thank you Joe, and everyone who voted for me!

I will post an article soon to thank everyone

Find it in the comments.

Kiochan Day 1,867, 14:40

Voted ...

danis1982 Day 1,870, 13:27


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