And now, a message from your President.

Day 717, 04:01 Published in Japan USA by Dokomo

Thank you Japan for choosing to put your faith in my vision and skills to bring about a better Japan. My Cabinet and I will begin working immediately to ensure a smooth transition of government. So, ket us begin what I hope will become a tradition, the daily agenda.

First, I will be signing the National Bank of Japan contract that was put into place last month. My Minister of Finance, Vorph, will also sign today. We will then be given the keys to the Bank and will examine the state of the nation's finances. With everything in order we can begin discussion of how to proceed with money market stabilization.

Next, I will be making the rounds to various forums including PEACE and Sol and applying for access. I will also make some statements as President on nipponblog that I declined to make as a non-Congress voting citizen earlier.

There will be a Cabinet meeting later in the day at 20:00 server time. Those unable to attend will have a second meeting later.

Finally, I will begin talking to newly elected leaders in foreign nations to determine how our new governments plan on handling the various crises around the world. And then I shall do my best to keep you informed as to how the day's events have gone.

So, Japan, thank you once again for your trust and faith. My team and I shall do our best to cherish and nurture it in the days ahead.

Emergency Edit: I finished task number 1 and then set about to confirming that the bank levels matched what I recorded last night. Sadly though it appears that the National Bank of Japan has been emptied of gold and jpy through the money market. The JIN and JIA have been emptied as well.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing who committed the act but I will begin petitioning the admins to resolve this immediately.