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And another one bites the dust...

Day 1,846, 12:44 Published in Poland Sweden by Valnad
Farewell, Lonestar.

We may not have seen eye to eye when it came to politics. Nevertheless it's always a shame to see a legendary Swedish beta-account being sold and used by a man with big pockets and a tendency to buy gold. ScymeX, shoot, Lonestar, makes me wonder who'll be next.

It used to be that selling or buying accounts was against the rules, but I'm guessing that Max McFarland will get away with it just like that Macedonian fellow who bought ScymeX from the serb who bought it from its original owner did.

I wonder if this is what Daniel had in mind when he gave away the Lonestar-account 3 years ago...



JeguljaM Day 1,846, 12:49



Seblas Day 1,846, 12:52

Hoppas att kontot får en permaban och att köpet inte går igenom bara för att Lonestar, den nuvarande Lonestar, är polare med admins.

Romper Day 1,846, 12:55

"fellow who bought ScymeX from the turk (?)"
nope, he bought it from Serbian.

Jegarmister Day 1,846, 12:56

Vi träffades vi två
för det är så länge sen.
Du såg på mig, min lille vän.
Och din stora sorg, vår lycka blev
Nu älskar jag dig, min lille räv.
Jag minns alltför väl hur vi lekte då.

Jag minns så väl, de dagar grå...
och eldens glöd som värmde oss.
Här är vi nu, bara vi två.
Adjö är ej för alltid.
Farväl är inte slut.
I mina tankar finns du...
Där finns du... alltid kvar

Valnad Day 1,846, 12:58


Thanks for clearing that up. You're right, it was a Serb. I'll send you a Q7 cookie as thanks.

Gudrun Schyman
Gudrun Schyman Day 1,846, 13:00

ScymeX is probably the most "traded" account still alive.
Isn't it good if the account could stay in-game? if Max buy enough gold admin might get resources to develop this into a good game again...

However Daniel will raise from his grave if he knew that his old account was sold to a guy in Stardust Crusaders.

Seblas Day 1,846, 13:01

ScymeX orignal owner was a swede, right?

Larm Day 1,846, 13:03


Valnad Day 1,846, 13:05


That's one way of looking at it. Another would be that the potential loss in revenues from players like me, who see older accounts being traded all the time, surpasses those of a single player. Even if his name is McFarland. I've crawled through thick and thin (read: constant crazy Plato changes) to cultivate this account over the years, much like you have done with yours. The mere thought of someone else playing as Gudrun Schyman is just... repulsive.

Jegarmister Day 1,846, 13:12

Yes it is repulsive, but do you have the same feeling towards accounts that has been given away?
I suppose that is the only thing I can see as being somewhat ok. Although I would prefer if you had created your own name, if you know what I mean.

Valnad Day 1,846, 13:16

Selling or giving, it's all the same to me. Especially when you take a legendary Swedish account and sell it to a reknown Dionist.

Jegarmister Day 1,846, 13:32

Well it all depends on the seller of giver(if you know what i mean....) doesn't it? We can all be equally angry at Daniel for giving away his account in the first place. If selling or giving is the same to you, then ScymeX and Lonestars account would be rather equal. Yet you call Lonestar Legendary not ScymeX.

Pacheeee Day 1,846, 13:34

Kappvänderen slår til igen! 😃

Julius Mann
Julius Mann Day 1,846, 13:52

Woah. Det var trist.

Caelo Day 1,846, 13:58

Farewell and...hello

armbeno Day 1,846, 14:02

I didn't expect this to be honest. I have always thought that Lonestar would stay to the end of the eWorld.

Gullberg Day 1,846, 14:06

Just sad
And the possibility to change nicknames makes it even more confusing...

Lapp3n Day 1,846, 14:26

All I wonder is how much he got for selling the account.

James Banana
James Banana Day 1,846, 14:50

Jag är inte arg, jag är... besviken.

Valnad Day 1,846, 14:56


No, I don't think the seller or buyer has anything to do with this equation. You're not allowed to sell, buy or give away accounts - period. Those are the rules that I expect the admins to base their decision on. ScymeX is also a legendary account and I've never claimed otherwise. But it was many, many years since it was first sold and it has been sold many times since. The loss of ScymeX is not recent, contrary to the loss of Lonestar, which is why my focus was on the latter.

Valnad Day 1,846, 15:01

Besides, another important aspect in all this is that the Swedish community just lost all the articles from Lonestars newspaper.

Having been both president and MoD several times in the past, his articles were a part of the history of eSweden and now that they've been deleted we've all lost a part of that history. Regardless of whether the words he wrote were true or not.

ketoner Day 1,847, 05:20

Acc trading.

Spite313 Day 1,848, 01:52

Goodbye sweet piglet o/

I'll never sell my account, though it's too weak these days anyway

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