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Analysis of Resistance: eJapan really needs a plan...

Day 1,814, 06:53 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Kinjiro Tachibana

I am no government member but a normal citizen of eJapan and like every citizen I have a duty to fight to free eJapan so do you however with the current resistance fighting against eROC is not going well and nothing and no one to blame there is less of us however I do believe with a plan eJapan can get out from occupation
"Never a man can fight of dozens of enemies by himself without planning ahead"
This is why I think our Government should create a plan... Since we do have one, newly elected I believe they can do their job in a splendid effort, I am not master of plans but I believe some people are just like our new President Koppanyi Ferenc made a article"We need a team!"

I am happy that something is going on and I hope there will be because I am sure no one wants to be kept under occupation we all want to be free, eROC is going too far! I believe we need to strike back with a plan that will hurt eROC, there were many parts where we nearly won! but we gotta keep on moving!

Show that you are a true citizen of eJapan... Fight for her!

(( Sorry for the look of it, I just felt like saying couple of words about really what is needed for the fight, first time doing a newspaper so dont kill me for that 😛 ))


Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,814, 07:00

You don't understand the situation and the options, according to your article that is..

Koppanyi Ferenc
Koppanyi Ferenc Day 1,814, 07:05

I would like to set you at ease, we are working to make some plan: also A, B and C plans:)

tarasino Day 1,814, 07:44

The most destructive quality of the past 3 governments was their stubborn refusal to involve the population into their decisions and plans. Whatever path this gov will choose it can not succeed without the citizens. No peace solution can be succesful without the citizens respecting it; no militiary solutionwithout the same citizens fighting for it. Doing things in the shadows will not work.

Oraizan Day 1,814, 08:17

I will be working towards finding even ground with eRoC this week with Koppany and many other citizens of eRepublik. If any citizen has a opinion or information they wish to share, my ears and mind are open.

When we have information about progress to share I will push for the government to share it. I agree that it's important for the government to be open with it's countries citizens.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,814, 08:24

good riddance, tarasino~

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,814, 12:13

Only long term solution will be via a peaceful route, providing eJapan doesn't elect another Nowe government after it has been achieved..

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,814, 13:59

I am positively sure that eROC won't give eJapan back to us just in peaceful ways in anyways, they keep on attempting to expand and so if they do they will not give independence to any nation under their occupation to not loose their position in the lead.

Sayko Mugen
Sayko Mugen Day 1,815, 23:12

mhm it is nice to read this articel and see how a revolt was started, when almost everyone in europe is sleeping... If i saw right, the most people are from europe?

Titanium50 Day 1,815, 00:29

Shouldn't we try and do rebellions less often so that we can stock up on the bazookas/batzookas and use them en masse whenever there is a rebellion?

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,815, 05:48

To get that we still have to fight Titanium, In my opinion we need to stock pile weaponry, food and more, make some allies that want to get rid of eROC from Asia or back to Taiwan when we have everything ready I think we and our allies should strike in same time but of course our Government is making a plan, loads of plan so lets wait and see what they have for us!

tarasino Day 1,815, 06:15


Oraizan Day 1,815, 08:45

It's better to save the bazooka's for a government sponsored war.

Titanium50 Day 1,816, 23:48

Then we should ally with south korea and the philippines so that we can all do a rebellion at the same time.

Keiichiro Day 1,816, 01:25

Well, from my point I see at the moment only talking coming from our new gov and after what happened, I somehow doubt that there is coming more...working together with Korea and the Phillippines and other occupied countries is the only chance for our raising sun. Coordinating the RWs would be the first and best step to start. Focusing all menpower of the 3(+) countries in one RW. Although Iam not sure if thats possible, both from the point of the "govermnents" and the people.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,816, 05:57

I agree on that, if you see in the war list (Day 1,816) There is South Korean and Philippines RW + a War, I think we should simply look for allies that are hold in the same position as us.

Keiichiro Day 1,816, 06:20

Naturally i would prefer a diplomatic solution, but my experiences with former gov. officials showed how a big country can be overrun by a small island...

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