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Analysis of Current Foreign Affairs

Day 2,264, 19:41 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

Poland MPP

Spain MPP


Portugal NE

Another article coming soon eventually.



Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,264, 19:43

Brilliant analysis!

Mr. Mirage
Mr. Mirage Day 2,264, 19:46

God, if this is what passes as good media today then I'm beginning to question this game's community!

Bucephalus92 Day 2,264, 20:20

Media died in this game a long time ago.

klop123 Day 2,264, 20:27

Still waiting on another article from you.

Aramec Day 2,264, 20:42

Be the change you want to see...

Or, whatever.

Bucephalus92 Day 2,264, 21:17

Something like that 😉

Mr. Mirage
Mr. Mirage Day 2,265, 10:18

This isn't Gandhi were talking about its an owl being pet by some random dude

Dio Ichigo
Dio Ichigo Day 2,264, 19:47



Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,264, 20:03

I seem to have missed the anal part of the ysis...

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,264, 20:07

/me pets WildOwl :3

Bucephalus92 Day 2,264, 20:20

lol this is great

Maximus.Decimus.Meridius. Day 2,264, 20:20

I like Owls

klop123 Day 2,264, 20:26

sew cute :3

Bucephalus92 Day 2,264, 20:29

Just started student teaching, not conducive to publishing a lot of article 😕

klop123 Day 2,264, 20:31

In time I suppose 😉

Bucephalus92 Day 2,264, 21:17

One can hope 🙂

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,264, 20:30

The likes the pets... Makes total sense. :3

I voted

George Van Smoot
George Van Smoot Day 2,264, 22:03

This article is fantastic. You didn't make me read a lot and gave me a beautiful gif to stare at.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,265, 23:26

Thank you for the endorsement.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,265, 02:54

Rocket science reviled. Now everyone will be able to do FA Analysis ;///

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,265, 02:56


Viarizi Day 2,265, 04:22

Brilliant analysis! x1.000.000

voted hard

Deepchill Day 2,265, 04:51

Funny pic.

Gnilraps Day 2,265, 06:11


PigInZen Day 2,265, 06:15

I await the wailing and lamentation of the idiotic amongst us.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,265, 08:39

Voted for the owl

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 2,265, 09:25

Where's the "analysis?"

Cthulhu.. Day 2,265, 09:58


yukka08 Day 2,265, 10:33

Owl won by earning a record this email as one and one
(Hooo says there's no difference between Portugal and Spain..)

Here's to pithy Owl speak:

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,265, 14:01

Politics sure makes for some strange occurances....

jmurrib21 Day 2,265, 19:37

Thanks, read this after I did a wrong action. Excuse me!

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