An RH Medal a Day Keeps Poverty Away

Day 3,578, 07:17 Published in Croatia Croatia by William Thomas Riker

Like in RL, I recently learned people don't believe in the quality of your service if that service is free. Even a symbolic fee gives them a feeling of security.

For the last week I've been having a new hobby: analyzing wars, articles and diplomatic agreements in order to find me Resistance Wars most probable to succeed. As I write this, the 8th resistance war I raised is developing as predicted, with 7 RH medals in my possession.

I had my share with the Resistance.

How come? Well, most of the people don't know when and where to fight. They would try once and get discouraged after losing money.

Yeah, this is us right now.

The problem is, people think I lie, or at least that I don't know what I'm doing. They think it's impossible to predict a success, unless their actual governments tell them that an agreement between countries had been reached. I understand. For some, 1000 CC is a lot to lose.

It's a fake!

So, I couldn't get people to support an RW. My CC would stay trapped for hours until, finally, a 10th player would support the cause. And since a p(l)ayer can help raise only one RW at a time, I would literally lose money. Even when the RW went straight to 110:0 in a record time, hours would pass before it even started. I tried sharing the info on my MU wall. Couple of people interested, and that was it. And they weren't even online when needed.

Apparently, resistance fighters prefer not to mix business with pleasure.

I wasn't giving people free info. I was trying to gather the critical mass for the RWs to get started, so I could earn gold. I never put RWs on the list that I wouldn't help raising myself.

I'm in it for the money.

I remembered what my ballet instrucor once told me. He used to give lessons for free, but people wouldn't take it seriously. They invested nothing, and they had nothing to lose. That's when he started charging lessons. So, that is why I'm gonna start charging too.

Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

Since I make RW predictions thanks to my analitical skills, and not some by insider info, I can only make a daily list. And if you happen to lose money, remember, so do I. I put my 1000 CC there as well.

You want the info? Pay for it.

To get an RH, you have to invest 1000 CC. That is less than 2 gold. You get the medal and 5 gold, meaning you can earn more than 3 gold on a daily basis, even in less than 24 hours. And as the CC-gold ratio keeps changing with time in the gold's favor, you could be earning even more in the near future.
Any day you want the info, donate 0.25 gold to me (going rate for a monthly list is 4000-5000 CC). After I receive the money, I will ingame message you all the RWs that re likely to succeed. I update the list 2 times a day (for myself), meaning you could donate any time of the day: if you donate in the morning, your list is gonna contain several RWs, if you do it later in the evening, same deal. Some RWs will have already started, but others will be open for taking. If there are no RWs, or if I don't have the time to update the list due to RL, I will refuse the donation. A failure might happen at some point, but statistically, you will win far more times than lose.

Oh, you don't approve?

I am simply trying to find people on which I could count on to be online when needed to help raise an RW with me, so I wouldn't lose time on gathering random players. Time is money.

Tl, dr: this pretty much
sums up this entire article.
More than a thousand words,

Live long and prosper!