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An Owl For Congress

Day 1,949, 02:19 Published in USA USA by Wild Owl

Greetings America,

In a module that was changed a long time ago, Congressional articles and spam were the order of the day. They’d start from the 20th, clamoring for your votes and on how they’d change our nation into a better place, and it would go on till the 25th. The same process was repeated every month, with some of the Congress hopefuls getting in with the vast majority being left out to try again the next month.

In his infinite wisdom, Plato changed the module to voting along party lines only. I’m not here to discuss the political ramifications of that change, or its affect which has been felt since, I’m sure it has been discussed and dissected multiple times by several players, many of whom are smarter than me and would have provided more in depth analysis than I ever would bother to do so. However, the one thing that it changed is that the eUS public now rarely gets to know about their average Congress critter, apart from the super-active people on IRC chats or the rare Congressional article written by no lifers like me.

Who am I?

A while ago, I played as a considerably active player for this great nation. I’ve been in the Congress twice, been an ambassador on multiple occasions, never derped and generally have a clean slate in most things.
I consider myself as a Dioist, because I believe that the ideology represented by our lord, Dio Brando, of Pride, Power and Peace is one with which I can identify myself. Generally, I’ve also been close with iNCi in my time here because of their attitude of taking this game as a game, and participating in their entertaining campaigns in Cyprus and beyond in the past was always a source of joy for me. USWP has always been my political party because this is the party that has produced the most quality leaders, done the most stuff in government and been the reason for being the USA being awesome in my opinion (I know others will disagree about this, don’t hate, don’t spam).

What do I intend to do?

I intend to be fully active for the coming month and to fully support the Executive over the course of my tenure if I am elected. With the advent of gold mines, and the USA being extremely likely to receive one, I intend to fully support the government of our country protect the sovereignty of our country in case of a TWO attack upon our shares. I will also be advocating for full funding to our MUs and the lowest possible taxation although I believe that this is already being handled extremely well by the excellent people in the EC.

If you believe that my ideas are worth voting for, please vote for the United States Workers’ Party on the 25th.

A Wild Owl



DoctrineDark 1907
DoctrineDark 1907 Day 1,949, 02:25

pirinç xd

pearlowl Day 1,949, 02:37

Comment deleted

MazzyCat Day 1,949, 20:54

Meow! ♥

Commius Day 1,949, 21:56

awesome sauce

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