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An Introduction

Day 1,915, 16:32 Published in USA Hungary by JyM23

Hi guys, let me introduce myself: my name is JohnnyM2. I’m a member of the eUS Citizens MU, the USWP and a supporter of SPQR. My profile says I was e-born on Jan 31, 2013 but actually I’ve been hanging around eRep since Feb 22, 2011. I was this guy: RobMiller, and you probably don’t remember me because for about a year and a half I did little more that observe.

I spent my time reading newspapers from all over the e-world. I saw the formation of Terra; the rise, dominance and fall of ONE and the slow slide of EDEN from a real brotherhood to its current state of disgrace. I studied the Balkans, using Google translate to pry into what is driving the major ongoing conflicts that shape the e-world. I read eSouth Korean articles for a while thinking of becoming a citizen of that country but was shocked and put off by the brutal eRomanian PTO at the hands of the FSR in the first half of 2011. I was also interested in eJapan for a while, but got bored and stopped playing for some time after that.

For a long time I only dropped by once in a while to read articles and get caught up, little else. Then on one such occasion early last summer, I learned of the looming threat of PTO in the eUS by RGR and his eSerbian cronies. I decided to start playing again and I also finally registered on the forum.

I felt largely helpless against the WTP which was the PTO party at the time (prior to its subsequent ATO and name change) but shortly I learned of the existence of a certain sixth party that had only about 20-25 active members which, based on previous experience, I considered a danger to the eUS. This party will not be named as currently they seem very much anti AFA. I believed at the time that I could enter the party, garner some real votes and with the help of a few *MULTIES* I could ATO them. Of course it ended up as a giant faceplant and I got permabanned. The lesson is: don’t do like I did kids!

I’ve been hangin’ round the forums ever since. Reading in game articles as well as contributing a bit to threads and being a general nuisance to a few “elites” from time to time. I decided to return to the game when Zoli ran for POTUS. I think his candidacy was epic and I sure hope he runs again next month. I truly think he can bring ALL the citizens of the eUS together and turn a large majority of AFA members away from PTO tactics. Some bad apples will always remain but they will no longer present a threat without broad based support.

But enough about me.

Congrats to rainysunday for winning the USWP PP. I’ve only been back for a few weeks but she’s been a godsend in the eUS Citizens MU. Thanks for all the supplies.

Let me close by saying:

SPQR in our hearts!
SPQR in our minds!
Now and forever.



Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,915, 17:08


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,915, 17:22


JyM23 Day 1,915, 17:35

Reagan, you didn't votesub! What gives?

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,915, 19:31

VS ^ _ ^

Arrden Day 1,915, 20:39


ligtreb Day 1,915, 22:10

Voted and subbed. Glad to see you writing.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,916, 04:37

Nice article sir! VS

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,916, 08:55


Cyberfight Day 1,916, 13:05


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