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An interview with Count Drakula.

Day 2,175, 06:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by SirRoman

Today my dear readers, we talk to a man who has been playing this game for longer than most, who has more experience than most, and who is sexier than most.

It's Count Drakula!

First of all, thank you Count Drakula for talking to me.

That's fine, I'm always free to talk to everyone and anyone that would want to talk with me.

Tell me, when did you start playing, and what was your first month like?

I started playing many many moons ago back in December 2008. 5 years is a very long time in eRep so I don't remember much of what it was like but there were many players there that aren't around now to say the least. And the forums had pretty much just started to take off as the medium of communication between players, where as now the forums are fairly inactive, just to give a small idea of the differences. It was much more open to newer players (not that we don't reward newer players that want to be involved now) due to the age of the game. My first month, I think I ran for congress but missed out,my manifesto was pretty bad so I can understand why.

You have since been in congress multiple times, what has been your secret to political success?

I don't really consider what I do to be a secret, I just always give what I've got. If you know the right people and take an active interest in the eUK and it's political realm then you will go far. The main reason why I was MoFA this month was because I knew that Bohemond was running and asked him if I could help out and thus I became a minister.

Well then.... Have you been in the Unity party since the beginning of your elife?

I have been in the Unity Party for all of my eLife yes. I was originally looking around for the eUK for parties and asked a friend of mine which party to join, and he suggested TUP and I haven't regretted it since.

And would you say that it is getting better or worse with each year?

I think that the Unity Party has always grown and improved each year, all in all, TUP has had the majority of CPs in the UK as well as a lot of impact in alliance politics. We also have had many foreign players come to TUP over the years, the current polish CP used to be in TUP in-fact.

It is indeed a party with quite a reputation

TUP always has and always will have a reputation in my mind

What is your view on eUK politics at the moment? Do you think some people have influence that do not deserve it?

I think that everyone should have a voice and impact on what happens in the UK should they choose to do so, there will always be players with influence that perhaps do not deserve it, but they will have worked hard to get the influence that they have done so in my mind they at least deserve our respect.I would love to see more newer players involved but with the lack of them, I think eUK politics may stagnate somewhat, with older players just having similar debates month after month

Interesting, with Bohemond's term coming to end, what did you think of his month in control of the eUK?

I think that, it's been a good month all in all some will always argue that more could have been done but what's done has been done. Personally speaking, I've definitely enjoyed my first month as MoFA and hope to do it again next month.

And what did you accomplish as MoFA?

The MoFA team has done quite a bit this month, although not as much as I would have liked towards the latter half of the month,we've had one of the best media presences this term out of the last several terms with all our deputies being hard at work. We've also been involved in talks and meetings with TWO as usually happens and the situation with Lithuania more recently.

So what is your view on the situation with Lithuania? Also, what do you think the UK's position in TWO will be in the future?

My view on the situation with Lithuania is to give them the resources, without getting a 3rd party on board, we would be stopping Lithuania from gaining 2 resources. And that in my mind isn't worthwhile for our own extra single bonuses, although I'm sure others will disagree with it, if there was a plan that would work and give the UK extra bonuses without disrupting Lithuania's then I would be all for it. I think that UKs position in TWO will stay where it has been, at least untill the eventual demise of the Alliance.

And after this demise, which some people have said is coming sooner rather than later, should the eUK join the next big alliance?

Dun Dun dun

It's impossible to say exactly what the future will hold for us or what the next two "big alliances" will be. Some have claimed that TWO will die off first, others saying that CoT will. And there are a very many different scenarios that lead to different options.

Indeed, but there will definitely be alliances again. And some have said the eUK should be independent, it would definitely make things more interesting.

Being independent has its advantages and disadvantages. We're able to do whatever we want. But without the same kind of alliance impact it might be tricky to turn that into actual gains. I would like to see UK in an alliance after these current ones are gone but anything could happen realistically.

Now, there's one question that is just burning in my mind, are you actually a vampire?

Well, if I told you the answer I'd have to kill you, or turn you into a vampire. If I was a vampire.

Oh! Let's forget that ever happened then! So, let's talk about some of the eUKers. Who is your favourite citizen in our nation?

Hmm, that is a very tricky question. There are many different people that I do like but I reckon that my favourite citizen would have to be Horice G Fossil.

And why is that?

His articles are always of the best quality, and are a good laugh, not to say that the Polandball comics are not also an excellent read.

And who is the most influential man in the UK?

Influence is a very weird thing to put a specific value on. There are many people out there with decent influence. I would have to go with Iain Keers realistically, although he hasn't been a UK citizen for quite some time. He's probably shaped the UK landscape and infact alliance landscape the most out of any person in perhaps the game.

Indeed, but Keers has more political influence, but who has the most influence on the public, on each citizen of the UK.

Public influence is very tricky to say, everyone could in theory help to influence the public

Would you agree with me, that this person is King Woldy?

All hail the King!
Ah yes, I knew I was forgetting somebody! King Woldy would most definitely have the largest public influence!

He even made you a actual count, did he not?

I believe he did yes haha. I was Count Count Drakula, what a long name that was.

Heh. Who do you think has a negative influence on the eUK, someone who is actively harming the nation?

I think negative influence is always just positive influence from a different perspective, one could argue that Wayne Kerr has a negative impact during this term but he's putting his opinion across and I'm sure he wants the best for the nation . I don't think there are people that want the entire eUK to suffer that also reside within it, rather people that would want some to suffer

But from your perspective who is having the largest negative impact?

It's all about asking the tough questions.


Tell us.

My perspective is always changing so I can't answer that properly, I think that there have been people in the past that have stopped me from helping as much as I would have liked such as BigAnt when we both ran for CP, but right now there wouldn't be anyone off the top of my head that I would say. I always try and change perspective and see what others mean and want. And use that to improve who I am.

That seems like a non-answer, but I'l move on. If there was one person excepting yourself you would love to see as CP who would it be?

That is a interesting question indeed, I've seen many different styles of CP terms over the years. I think right now, I'd love to see Wayne get it just to be able to see what an entire month of Wayne as CP would be like, although that might end up with us having far more/less regions than we originally started with, it would definitely be an interesting one

Interesting, do you think he would do well? To me it seems like he's more of the type that does well in the opposition but wouldn't as the leader.

I think he has the potential to do well if he wanted to do so. He sits in the opposition too much in my opinion I'd like to see him in the seat so I can be the opposition and critize his decisions for a change. The month would likely be a big success or a big failure but a big change to what we have had.

Interesting opinion. How do you think mwc will do?

I hope and think that MWC will have a good month.

Now what would you classify as a good month?

A good month is would involve a few different things, but the main concept would be that people enjoyed themselves in the month, that may be via having wars or having fun within our domestic areas, but fun is the reason why we play this game after all

Well spoken. Now as we near the end, what are your personal plans for the future? Is CP in the near future?

I don't have many personal plans, but for the short term I would like to be involved in the MoFA still .I've tried going for CP twice and failed both times but I will likely run sometime next year but don't quote me on that. I know what being CP involves and I'll re-run for it when I'm ready for it.

The propaganda machine is rolling already.

Well then, I wish you the best of success in your future endeavours, and thanks for talking to me!

Thanks for having me.



Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,175, 06:46

obv. a wayne term would be a giant success.

Oh no wait, it would be absolutely terrifying. nevernevernever

ChewChewShoe Day 2,175, 08:13

Yay two awesome people in the same article

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 2,175, 08:26

I liked the bit with me in it (;

Horice (:

Butjam Day 2,175, 08:26

No Butjam5CP, very disappointing

WookieO Day 2,175, 09:49

No Wook, but I still voted, because of the Horice love.


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,175, 09:54

Interesting read, v.
Horice, Keers & Woldy are my favourite eBrits.

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 2,175, 09:58

An unholy Ménage à trois!

Horice S:

ChewChewShoe Day 2,175, 10:55

Bit harsh, thought I'd be on that list. BRB slit my wrists..

Joshinius Day 2,175, 10:06

Intriguing interview...the eUK going independent? Mighty bold move.

Spite313 Day 2,176, 00:47

No chance

strok78 Day 2,175, 10:30


Niemand Day 2,175, 14:42

Nice reading, voted & subscribed.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,176, 00:22

Thought you was dead like the rest of TUP like Talon , Daine Fox , Jordess14 the list can go on and on

Spite313 Day 2,176, 00:47

Your English teacher after she realised the depth of her failure and hung herself from a giant parenthesis

Sexagenarian Day 2,176, 07:47

Who is Woldy? What real influence does he/she have??

SirRoman Day 2,176, 12:41

Woldy is the King of the eUK

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