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An important question for all eJapanese

Day 1,909, 23:11 Published in Japan Japan by Hourai
I have been in this land for some time now, welcomed with open arms by some of the kindest people I have ever met. Since then, we have experienced the good and the bad together as united people. And yet, I found myself closed off from others, becoming something of a hermit as the weeks and months dragged on. Sure, I had my own dreams and ambitions, but never felt ready to bring them into the open and deny everyone else their chance. So I waited. Gave some of my opinions on the political arena, but didn't really want to take credit for them. Then again, I realized I have always been like this. A person who is content with helping others behind the scenes and never entering the spotlight. Life in eJapan went on, and once more, Hourai was nowhere to be found unless someone went out of their way to look. And one day, someone did.

There must be some mistake; I thought. Why would someone take an interest in a hermit like myself? No way. But then, I realized the truth. There existed a person who, after finding out my political views, actually wanted to know more about me. Well, that was a first. Despite my shyness, he was patient and understanding. He actually took the time to listen to me and respected my views. I was led into the spotlight I feared so much by him, so he could show me it really wasn't so bad after all. The natural conclusion of this newfound kinship was marriage.

Even as a new Princess of eJapan, I still need to work on my shyness a lot if things are to be done, but the one who set me on the right track I will be forever thankful to. And so, the first thing I must announce as the newest member of the eJapanese Imperial Family is a very important question for all eJapanese:

"What do you want for eJapan?"

The spotlight is now on every eJapanese who has a dream or an ambition in their heart which wishes to be let out into the world. Do not fear reprisal, do not fear losing the respect of your peers, for now is the time for your heart to be honest and speak your true desire for the nation and its society! Speak not of what you hate, what you want removed, for such things breed nothing but misery and bitterness. Instead, show us your grand vision of your ideal eJapan. Speak up, do not be silent any longer. Break free from the chains of your political party just this once, for today is an event worth celebrating for all eJapanese!

Thank you to eJapan for taking care of me for so long, I will continue to be in your care, but now I would like to work hard for the progression of our wonderful nation as well, alongside all of you who want to do the same!

Princess Minakami Hourai.


Aryzn Day 1,909, 23:23

Ten Thousand Years! o7

I believe I would not be alone in wanting a liberated and unified eJapan. 🙂

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,909, 23:30

Ten Thousand Years! o7

I'd love to see a lot of cultural articles and contests filling eJapan's media so they could take the drama's place and bring activity to our nation. With activity we'd grow, while the culture would keep us unite and then, together, we'd be able to achieve anything.

ardishabutaro Day 1,909, 23:53

I'd love to see peace in eJapan, when no blaming, insulting, or trolling each other

EternalLightStream Day 1,909, 01:58

I support eJapan reunification : D

darlosworld Day 1,909, 02:22

What do I want for eJapan? Hmm ... perhaps NSFW labels on appropriate news pieces. Sometimes checking the news here is scary >_<.

Shirobu Day 1,909, 03:01

Congratulations, hope everything works out well down the road.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,909, 08:24

I'd love to see peace in eJapan, when no blaming, insulting, or trolling each other x2

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Day 1,909, 09:00

I want to see a new Constitution, a democracy that works, and citizens who respect one another.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,909, 09:18

A person who is content with helping others behind the scenes and never entering the spotlight.
We need more people like this. Voted and Sub.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,909, 12:32

I wan't normal people, nothing else... too much troling, and lack of work etic... People just wan't to argue...

Master Tigers
Master Tigers Day 1,909, 13:43

I'd love to see peace in eJapan, when no blaming, insulting, or trolling each other x3

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,909, 14:41

10000Years for Princess Minakami Hourai.

More culture (events as well as cultural debates) and more fun \o/

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