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An E-Lite Manifesto

Day 1,790, 11:34 Published in USA Canada by olivermellors

Drat! The oxygen cyclinder knocked over my walker and now I’m having difficulty getting to my dentures and glasses. I’m going to rest and think of the old days.

We used to send our elite athletes to the Olympics: the very best, most able, most capable, most trusted. I’ve recently read that these elite players aren’t useful anymore.

We used to send our elite troops into the most challenging situations: the best trained, the most resilient, the most focused and tenacious. I’ve recently read that these elites aren’t useful anymore.

We used to give our elite scientists great prizes: the most thoughtful, innovative, rigorous, insightful, analytical would get Nobels and Fields medals. Apparently that should be a thing of the past.

Now, says one source, we should try to win tournaments by filling our championship team with adversaries. Get rid of our players and replace them with those who play for the other team. The Cubans like this idea, as do the Russians and the Brazilians and Yugoslavs. I understand we should also recruit coaches from abroad especially if they establish no affiliations with local organizing committees, disciplinary bodies or other elite governing bodies. That’ll show ‘em.

It must be my advanced age combined with incipient Alzheimer’s. I admire hard work, dedication, proven track record, effectiveness and devotion to the team’s interests. These things should be rewarded, encouraged and lead to advancement. I suppose that creates an elite. Just like on that ball team. We were champions, manifestly not e-lite.



Plugson Day 1,790, 11:37

Oliver, you're the best!

That's why we sent you to eUSA.

For love of country and duty to the honourable ~ keep at it wholeheartedly. : )

olivermellors Day 1,790, 11:38

If you believe that achievement is measurable, that goals can be quantified and that champions surpass predetermined measurable goals, consider shouting the tiny url:

olivermellors Day 1,790, 11:40

Plugson, admit it, you sent me to the US because my colostomy bag was stinking up the joint.
Kind regards

Plugson Day 1,790, 11:47

hah, it would have been impolite for me to imply that, oliver. We learned that the whole sewer system was backed up (not just yours) and have been working on fixing the pipes so that there is less overall 'butthurt.'

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