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An appeal for Ambassadors

Day 387, 13:51 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Hello Citizens of Ireland, this article is an appeal for any person intrested in representing Ireland as an ambassador in another country. This is a great way for any person looking to get more active in the Irish Political Scene to get more experience and to learn more about other countries in eRepublik.

We are appealing for ambassadors for the UK, Canada, the USA and Italy. These will be the four starting countries we plan to set up embassies in, but we will be expanding these at a later time, or when we feel it's necessary. This also means that any current ambassadors will have to reapply if they wish to have a chance of retaining their posts.

Being an Ambassador is a great way to get more involved in Irish Politcs as well as getting your name known on an international basis. Our President, Michael Collins, once served as an ambassador to the UK before becoming President. You can learn more about the other parties of the world, as well getting to know more people outside of Ireland.

You do not have to move, all you have to do is sign up on the respective nations forum, and make an embassy. This is done by making an embassy topic, and all this can be done without ever needing to leave the country.

So if you're intrested, post a comment in this form.

Country or Countries applying for:
Previously an Ambassador:
If Yes, in what country:

Best Wishes,
Theus Jackus (Minister of Foreign Affairs)


Nithraldur Day 387, 14:15

Name: Nithraldur
Country applying for: Canada
Previously an Ambassador: Yes
Countries: France & The Netherlands

If more info is needed, feel free to contact me 🙂

Sean Greene
Sean Greene Day 387, 14:15

Name: Sean Greene
Country or Countries applying for: Whatever English-speaking countries remain after the more experienced ambassadors have received positions (or Spanish-speaking should English-speaking spots be filled).
Previously an Ambassador: No
If Yes, in what country: N/A

Kheops Day 387, 14:17

Name: Kheops
Country or Countries applying for: USA
Previously an Ambassador: No
If Yes, in what country: -

Have 2 companies in USA, employing around 10 employees.

Eamon_de Valera
Eamon_de Valera Day 387, 14:18

Name: Eamon_de Valera
Country or Countries applying for: Preferably the US but any would be fine by me
Previously an Ambassador: No
If Yes, in what country: N/A

Kiemar Day 387, 16:14

Name: Kiemar
Country or Countries applying for: US or if not UK
Previously an Ambassador: Yes
If Yes, in what country: US

I already set up an Irish embassy thread in the US forums during the last administration

pato9 Day 387, 16:44

Countries or Country applying for: US,UK,Canada,or an alliance
Previously an ambassador: No
If yes, in what country: N/A

pato9 Day 387, 16:45

Italy also for Countries applying for

andredambreville Day 388, 05:20

Name: andredambreville
Countries or Country applying for: Italy, USA or Canada
Previously an ambassador: No

NOTE : i've already relationship with both Italian and US president.

abarai1992 Day 388, 08:51

Name: abarai1992
Country or Countries applying for: Australia
Previously an Ambassador: No

I've already stated that i'm an ambassador for Australia in the forums

abarai1992 Day 388, 08:54

well i am going to move back to australia anyway, so might as well just stay there and represent Ireland in australia

Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Day 388, 12:18

Name: Kevin Hutchison
Country or Countries applying for: US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, The Netherlands
Previously an Ambassador:No
If Yes, in what country:N/A

Bad Injector
Bad Injector Day 389, 02:47

hehe, i remember during Victor's takeover i was the first to mention the need of embassies, at that time many stood against, saying it was the most stupid idea... Now i see it's not... eIrish Fellows, perhaps it will come a time when u will see that I, and my experience, in online games can be of great benefit and valuable.
Thanks, for remembering, to those of you who do remember 🙂

Vyse Day 389, 04:42

@Amroth: We always had Ethem long before Victor. Your idea was actually move those people in game to those countries. Which is not needed...

Theus Jackus
Theus Jackus Day 389, 06:23

I'm pretty sure we had embassies before August Amroth...

Nithraldur Day 389, 10:08

Don't have to be pretty sure. We did 🙂

Sean Tracey
Sean Tracey Day 389, 11:13

Name:Sean Tracey
Country or Countries applying for:USA or UK
Previously an Ambassador:No
If Yes, in what country:N/A

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