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AMP Media Department - New Radio, and PP Debates!

Day 1,964, 17:33 Published in USA USA by saraht0ga

Time for another lovely media update, with everybody's favorite AMPR host, saraht0ga!

I may have FINALLY found an alternative to blogtalkradio for AMPR. We will be testing it tomorrow with a debate!

This month, with Dr Luis Sentieiro stepping down after two successful (in my opinion) terms as Party President of AMP, we have three candidates running. George S. Patton Jr. and Mr Swagg will both be joining me on AMPR Sunday at 16:00 eRep for a PP debate.

PLEASE send me questions, either on IRC (my nick there is saraht0ga, though occasionally it's SarahCorleone) or through an in-game message.

To be fair, I will be inviting our third candidate, Free Area, to have an interview when he is available during the week. I will be asking him the same questions that I will ask our candidates on Sunday, and any others that you may have specifically for him.

The new website I'm using to broadcast is mixlr. So far, I tested it by playing some random music for the AMP Round Table members, and having a short, goofy Skype conversation with Dr Luis. The way we will be broadcasting will be through their site, and holding group Skype conversations.

For the technically minded, I am doing this by using my speakers as my audio output. By selecting the option on mixlr to do this, it will play all sounds that come through my speakers as the broadcast. That means that we will have no middle man in our connections. Before we relied on the BTR servers to all connect via Skype or our phones - now we will simply be using Skype, and mixlr will broadcast via my computer.

This will give us a bit more freedom for sound effects/music, and will hopefully cut back on crappy connections hindered even more by the BTR servers.

The downside is, no calling in via phones. If you would like to call in, you will have to give me your Skype username (or Dr Luis, considering he is my usual partner in crime for AMPR, or John Killah who is my cohost).

This week in articles, we had the lovely BlackBaroness write a wonderful troll article about our beloved PP, Dr Luis Sentieiro. Read it here.

Dr Luis wrote an article summing up the past week in AMP's various departments here.

To be fair to all three of our candidates, you can read their articles announcing their running at the following links:

Free Area
George S. Patton Jr
Mr. Swagg

And that's it for this week in AMP Media!

Feel the AMPs, my fellow AMPlifiers! (See Paul Proteus, we DO use that sometimes!)


Free Area
Free Area Day 1,964, 17:51

Feel the AMPs

DanielEsp Day 1,964, 19:07

Voted, good luck with the new site o/

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,964, 21:13

I just noticed this...I feel special, do you guys go to 11? :3

saraht0ga Day 1,965, 15:47

Yes. AMP goes to 11. 10 isn't enough.

Strength and Honour

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