Americans PAY MORE for Gold than Europeans!

Day 752, 11:04 Published in USA USA by Avenya
Did you know that?

Erep charges Euros for Gold. Meaning 1 Euro = 1.4621 Dollars.

I never cared before, but now that you can use gold for training, this is ridiculous.

If we in the real USA want to participate in this game the same way as those in Europe, we have to pay 50% more for the same Gold!

Now some may say, oh well that is your currency, but it isn't fair at all. Meaning real Hungarians can get away with paying 10 Euros for some Gold, while we have to pay $15 for the same Gold! Meaning they can train at higher levels and completely unbalance this game!

Bah! Vote if you are annoyed with this.