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American Offensive Into Taiwanese Occupied Korea On the Horizon

Day 1,901, 19:33 Published in USA USA by Desertfalcon

After several days of strategic maneuvers by the Taiwanese in an effort to block the United States from acquiring a land border with them, it appears that the United States has finally found a way onto the Korean peninsula. Approximately six hours ago the United States congress proposed South Korea as the nation's new natural enemy. With the proposal set to pass it appears that an American invasion of the last remaining South Korean province of Jeollanam-Do is likely forthcoming. While the United States and South Korea are allies in this conflict against Taiwan, the United States has not been able to push the war further into Taiwanese territory due to South Korea controlling the only region on the peninsula that borders American occupied Northern Taiwan. By having the United States take the buffer region of Jeollanam-Do, they will provide the Americans with a foothold on the peninsula from which they can launch further offensives against the Taiwanese occupied regions of Korea.

Over in Korea, The South Korean congress has recently declared Taiwan as their natural enemy and hold the initiative in that conflict should a battle break out.

If the South Korean forces are able to take back a region from the Taiwanese this would almost certainly result in a speedy conclusion to Taiwan’s presence in Korea. By taking another region the South Koreans will be able to let the Americans take the region of Jeollanam-do without being wiped. Since they won't be wiped out the Koreans will still technically be at war with the United States. This means that the Taiwanese will no longer be able to hide behind South Korean regions since the Americans will now be able to conquer those regions in order to create a path to the rest of the Taiwainese regions.

While this may seem like a huge break in the war, it is important to note that Taiwan still has options available to them that would delay a direct conflict with the United States. Should South Korea fail to secure a second region and the United States end up wiping them with the conquest of Jeollanam-Do, the Taiwanese would still have time to hand a few regions back to South Korea via a resistance war to create a new buffer. While this would require them to give up more territory, it would stall the United States since they would have to go through congress to get another war with South Korea declared in order to move through the next buffer. Regardless as long as the United States is able to hold onto the key region of Jeollanam-Do they will be in good position to wipe Taiwan from North Korea, or at least force them into a prolonged conflict.



ligtreb Day 1,901, 20:26

I'm so glad to see these reports again.

fingerguns Day 1,901, 20:32

Oh god I've missed you so much

Sozo Day 1,901, 20:34

I was literally just going through your old reports yesterday for nostalgia's sake.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,901, 22:38


Evil.Elvis Day 1,902, 23:09

welcome back.

crashthompson. Day 1,902, 04:57

Wow, caught up fast.

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,902, 04:59

Good to see again with your reports.

Deificus Day 1,902, 09:04

Doesn't take much to catch up by looking at the map and reading a paper or two for reasoning. Grasping the changes in the military module that allow future movement is the hard part, and with that he has instantly become the best resource for daily transitional knowledge. Excellent work, DF.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,902, 09:57

Welcome back DF, its good to have one of the few impartial reporters of military events back. Hope you can expand your comments to other regions.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,903, 03:11

Great to have you back.

loftedraptor Day 1,904, 05:54

Good to see your articles again!

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