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American Freedom Alliance - Are You Really Free?

Day 2,002, 04:43 Published in USA USA by crashthompson.

Freedom, its smack dab in the middle of your name. The term freedom matches the icons of eagles, the colors red, white, and blue you guys use so much.

But are you free? Am I really free?

You aren’t. When you have one person or small elitist group who dominates your entire party politically, its not freedom. When your PP candidate, is always your CP candidate, never letting others get chances or opportunities, that is not freedom. When your party leader maintains control by fear or bribery, that is not freedom.

American Freedom Alliance, you are not free. You are led by an egomaniac. Who in turn is supported by a bunch of foreign players who get their lolz in attempting to PTO the eUS. You are lead by a group who just want power and who just want to watch the world (mainly eUS) burn. (note I understand there are foreign players in the AFA whose goals are not to PTO, please help throw RGR out)

By denying yourselves freedom, by maintaining your status quo with that one person, you deny us our freedom. Until you remove the threat, until you leave AFA thereby decreasing his political power or until you force him out via PP election, you are our threat. You are our threat that takes away our freedom.

You are the threat that keeps Unity in place. You are threat that scares people into believing we need it. I am not saying people were farting rainbows and sunshine before, we had our issues.

But your mere presence and the goals of your leaders imprison me. I do not blame Unity, as much as it bores and annoys me, I blame you. You keep me politically imprisoned because you choose to not escape your AFA prison.

If you are truly the American Freedom Alliance, free yourself of this person. Free the eUS from this person. Stop giving Unity a reason to exist. Free us all, so that we all may have more fun.




Francis Valiet
Francis Valiet Day 2,002, 05:04

Good stuff. Voted.

Cubby Day 2,002, 05:43

Pretty much it.

fingerguns Day 2,002, 05:52

Exactly right. They're holding us hostage and forcing us to be the very thing they claim to hate.

pop George
pop George Day 2,002, 06:29

which top five doesn't this apply too "You are lead by a group who just want power"....

v + s

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,002, 10:17

The blame the victim mentality, nice.

Just like womenz deservez it for how they dress, right?

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,002, 14:21

Only you would bring something sensitive like that into this. Shows how senseless you really are.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,002, 14:21

Good article; full of fact. Voted.

HoJUNIOR Day 2,002, 19:39


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