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America's First Line of Offense

Day 615, 18:56 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero

Do you want to be an integral member of your nation's Special Ops? The Strategic Air Command (SAC) is America's first line of offense! We ensure that wars are won before a single battle even needs to be started. We ensure that our allies are able to help protect us when we need them. We are the first ones in, but nobody knows it.

When you are a member of the SAC, you get to participate in covert missions that will require you to use your voting privilage as your weapon. In some cases, you may even be elected to Congress in the country that you're stationed. In order for our military to be efficient, they need to focus on key enemies and battles. As a member of the SAC, you make sure that the enemies are destroyed or kept at bay before they even become a distraction. If you are elected to a foreign Congress, you prevent legislation from being passed, by filibuster or merely proposing items that take up precious floor time. You may have the ear of prominent politicians, and they don't even know who you are working for.

To be a member of the SAC, you need to be highly devoted to the cause. You need to be active on IRC and the forums. You need to be stealthy, and be willing to keep everything classified if the occasion calls for it. Not just anyone can become a SAC operative, can you? Find out today by contacting your local SAC Recruiter!


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