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America, let's talk

Day 1,880, 07:52 Published in USA USA by Jefferson Locke

America, lets talk again, this time about an important decision:

This isn’t me as the Chief of Staff talking, and this isn’t me as the Federalist VP talking.

This is me as a concerned and proud American citizen talking.

Normally, I don’t deal with the politics of other parties. I feel that parties should always determine their own fate, and that strong parties equal a strong nation. But, as many of you know, I’m a firm believer in Country > Party > Self. With that said, There is a race for PP that I am taking a particular interest in, the AMP PP race between Dr Luis and Haliman. I have worked with Dr Luis for most of my time here on Erepublik, and can say without any doubt that he is someone that personifies nation over party and self. He has worked tirelessly for this great nation, and has been a national leader on the efforts to keep Ajay and his group from taking over our nation. He has also worked with foreign leaders to strengthen our relationships abroad, and has represented this country worldwide with dignity, honesty, and class. These are things that I cannot say about his opponent.

I have NEVER seen Haliman do things on a national level to promote our nation and the virtues that we stand for. I have never seen him promote anything but himself. There are many programs that Dr Luis would implement in the AMP that would strengthen that party, and by default, our nation. He wants to work on reforms to the PAC and Legal and Accounting Departments, Increase the exposure for the AMP party in media, and improve retention through innovative ideas, including the radio show, which he also pushed for last month and is now being treated as a “new idea” by his opponent. He has worked tirelessly for this country and for your party for months and months, as Haliman sat back biding his time and waiting for the opportunity to rise to power, not for the party and nation, but for himself.

You can find more about his programs here:

I cannot stress enough how important this election is for the AMP and the nation. We sit at a crossroads, with one path leading to stagnation and one path leading to a revitalization and resurgence. Dr Luis wants to take the nation and his party down the path of prosperity, while Haliman wants to take us down the path of stagnation and status quo. I FULLY support Dr Luis, and will stand by his side no matter what, because I know that Dr Luis is the right man to lead the AMP into the future, and to make America stronger through his works in the party. We are in a war for our very survival. The decision boils down to what general you want to lead you through this war:

Haliman, a general that is looking at his career first, or

Dr Luis, a general that has been fighting for you for months, and wants to lead AMP and the nation to greatness.

I hope that you will stand by Dr Luis just as I will, and help him lead us to greatness.

I stand with Dr Luis, do you?

Sincerely, and yours always in service
Jefferson Locke




One Sky
One Sky Day 1,880, 08:02


DLS is awesome.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,880, 08:04

Thank you for your support Jefferson_Locke!

To eUSA, thank you all for being the great community you are and for showing me your support!

Now the classic: ✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

I feel the AMPs, do you feel them?!

potato134 Day 1,880, 08:06

........ being a fed you have no right interfering in amp politics thanks.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,880, 08:07


Haliman Day 1,880, 08:08

........ being a fed you have no right interfering in amp politics thanks.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,880, 08:11

^ Just because he is a fed it doesn't mean he's not allowed to show his own personal opinion.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,880, 08:12

Haliman just did more work typing that comment than he has in the past six months 😃

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,880, 08:39

I love your article JLo - thanks for your wonderful support !!
DLS4PP !!!
: ✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

fingerguns Day 1,880, 09:24

I did it for Cerb. EnterAwesome/Exploration did it for M2G. Now JLo is doing it for DrLuis.

Obviously we are not the same party, but our communities are close. We support each other. I think any involvement with another party should end writing an article for a candidate. And that IS where it ends. I don't see the problem.

Anyway, DrLuis is a really good guy. There is a reason every Presidential candidate has him somewhere in the Cabinet. He's a hard worker and he's reliable and he really cares about the people he serves. He will be a good PP.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,880, 10:17

As we would say 'down under' - Luis is a great bloke. He personifies mateship towards people like bourbon goes with ice. Hard worker, but in my eyes more importantly - a friend to the New World.

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Day 1,880, 11:40

JLo is a Bro so V+S. You should totally use that for any future political campaigns. "Vote Jefferson Locke - JLo is a Bro!" You're welcome.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,880, 12:50


JLO is awesome!


pop George
pop George Day 1,880, 13:01

interesting in the Haliman works w/ Ajay, seems to be a decoy to take heat of Ajay, cause everyone knows he can't keep the AFA without help

Malpazar Day 1,880, 13:31

A vote for Dr. Luis is a vote in the right direction for the country as a whole.


Syz2 Day 1,880, 15:24

You lack mentioning the fact that many things DLS wants to add Haliman does as well, such as a Radio show, and an increase in writing media, as well as many DLS is not such as Battle Buddies (

Personally, I think we will have a great PP regardless of which one wins.

DW.Frost Day 1,880, 16:03

Next time I suggest AMP to let FEDs nominate their own candidate for AMP PP.


To be honest I don't feel very comfortable with this.

fingerguns Day 1,880, 16:27

I hear ya, GreeK, but like I said, if it starts and ends with an article of support, then it doesn't seem like a huge deal to me. I'm also not sure how much good it will do. JLo doesn't have any pull in AMP lol

He just wants to support someone he believes in. All good, I think.

Candor Day 1,880, 19:35

The Candor is Gay party would like to support a PP for Party President of the AMP. We would also like to send our unconditional support of a PP for Party President of the Feds.

We don't want to interfere, but a PP would be the best choice for your Party President in our gay opinion.

Thank you,

Candor is Gay Party Member

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,881, 14:08

Seriously, I don't like the way the US is being led right now. And I am not alone in my thinking in the AMP. We want our voice to be heard. DLS feels that the US is going on a wonderfull track. That's his opinion. He has the right to it, and can expose it to the AMP members.

However, Feds should stick to their own party and mind their own business. If they want a say in AMP politics, they are welcome to join us. Otherwise, they can let us decide for ourself how we want our party to be lead.


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