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America in CoT?

Day 1,841, 22:13 Published in USA USA by GloveisLove

I'm always up for some chaos. But this latest move---I'm not so sure if its chaotic or miscalculated.

What does America in CoT imply?

Well, let me list nations I like in CoT.

Bulgaria, Chile, Japan, South Korea, and I even like the idea of Indonesia as an ally.

But reality---if we were to join CoT, we'd be stuck with nations like Mexico, Peru, FYROM, and New Zealand.

Peru and New Zealand are basically satellites of ex-ONE countries and Mexico is (or at least should be) our backyard. We should keep Mexico wiped to prevent their citizens from developing, to get our bonuses, and to establish Hegemony over the North American continent. And I refuse to call FYROM Macedonia because it is really a Greek region (something you'd have to unlearn to gain FYROM's liking).

But furthermore, good relations with Chile and Bulgaria imply bad relations with Argentina, Turkey, and Greece.

Greece is one of our oldest allies and we have a long history with them. Turkey is a progressive nation and our relationship with them has evolved as time has passed. And Argentina has mixed relations with us, especially ever since they have found their new home in Eden and we've grown more distance from that alliance.

Joining CoT would edge us closer towards warmer TWO relations---if we joined the alliance is as of now.

But Indonesia will never drop its TWO MPPs, I assure you, so keep dreaming. Bulgaria won't either. Nor Mexico, Peru, nor New Zealand. Only FYROM has shaky relations with TWO (mostly Poland), but they have too many common allies in TWO to jeopardize their position.

So really, we lose more by joining CoT than we would if we stayed alliance-less. However, personally I don't think its a bad idea to have warm relations with Bulgaria, Chile, Japan, or South Korea, but neither of those nations really benefit us geopolitically. So in my opinion, it is a bad move to consider joining the alliance, but not a bad idea to warm relations with some members.

As I've been watching our foreign policy change from month to month, I really am at a lost at what the top dogs are planning, we've gone from Eden, pro-Eden, Terra, pro-Eden, CTRL, now CoT?

Granted, our situation is complex. We've realized EDEN as an alliance is not in our interest for a long time, but key members such as Turkey, Greece, and Argentina may be in my opinion. Unfortunately due to their alliance politics, they also conflict our other interests.

We've grown distant from Croatia and Romania as of late. Not because we dislike Croatia, but because our leaders want to break our Eden-dependence. We certainly do not like Serbia or Hungary. But we aren't crazy about Romania nor really want anything to do with them since they are the epitome of Eden bad politics to a lot of us.

As far as our MPP structure should go, while it is clear CTRL failed, we should continue to have good relations with Spain in order to secure our Eastern Flank, but I also believe we should MPP France & Germany since it is clear Poland has no interest in leaving its TWO agenda. Both those nations, while small, have been routinely loyal. We should continue to keep Indonesia as enemy to give us a playground. We should stop epeen measuring with Canada and renew our bond with them (they too are in a similar situation as us). We should also keep our bond with Australia and South Africa strong to strengthen our position versus Indonesia and our Pacific Flank.

These are just my thoughts, feel free to discuss your opinions.

After all these foreign affair shifts, and with only one true best friend, Brozil,

I'm starting to feel like we are following Turkey's model of foreign policy.




John Locked
John Locked Day 1,841, 22:16


John Locked
John Locked Day 1,841, 22:16

Great as always s2

Plainswalker Day 1,841, 22:28

Yes it is something you should unlearn. You've been brainwashed for so long that I understand it will take some time to heal, but hey Macedonia is Macedonia and nothing else.

George Griffin
George Griffin Day 1,841, 22:28


bigcdizzle Day 1,841, 22:29


Candor Day 1,841, 22:30

You've always had a little Turkey in you.

Stop raining on everyone's glorious POTUS legacies. If we can reinvent the wheel and call it rice pudding, you know we will.

Wildrunner Day 1,841, 22:35

Maybe you should read your CP article and then you'd understand it better. His goal is the destruction of EDEN and from there some new alliance with USA in it. Noone said USA will join CoT heck I'm not sure CoT likes you to join either I think you'd be too problematic for us and most likely will end up like Turkey in EDEN.

Coopration with countries from CoT tho why not?

N4zGuL Day 1,841, 22:36


Wildrunner Day 1,841, 22:37

And btw Oceania is a CoT zone, I think we showed that the last time half of EDEN, including you wanted to go there. ; )

Dendi Uzumaki
Dendi Uzumaki Day 1,841, 22:39

I refuse to call FYROM Macedonia <<<=== if you refuse it, then dont bother to think bout joining CoT, if you dont respect Macedonia, then why CoT should respect you ?

Dasheny Day 1,841, 22:44


Zxdek Day 1,841, 22:47

idk if we want to be warmer with two?

read 🙂

Q&A with Inwegen& Hanibal

RyGnwn Day 1,841, 22:47

I'd love America to be our ally too
It's like having Messi in Real Madrid
Why not giving it a try?

GloveisLove Day 1,841, 22:51


Last time I was in the Pacific, we conquered Indonesia wkwkwkwk

RaviMirza Day 1,841, 22:51

Indonesia as your playground? well, let's see in a couple months or so, the US will be our playground ~_^

Borkoloco Day 1,841, 22:52


GloveisLove Day 1,841, 22:52


Indo-USA wars are my favorite 😃 always a good challenge

Aminta Makedonecot Day 1,841, 22:53

Comment deleted

Eliseo Auditore Day 1,841, 22:57

Comment deleted

andromedadeezter Day 1,841, 22:58

But Indonesia will never drop its TWO MPP

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,842, 23:01


Agathoklis Day 1,842, 23:03


Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Day 1,842, 23:07

brilliant article.
Addressing both strategy and politics from a realistic point of view.

Well done!

Dali Salvador
Dali Salvador Day 1,842, 23:15

Many many votes!

WorstNightmare Day 1,842, 23:15

Especially voted for calling things by their names, like Fyromians as Skopje. Greetings from Norway.

chris916 Day 1,842, 23:19


Yhamilitz Day 1,842, 23:19

"We should keep Mexico wiped to prevent their citizens from developing, to get our bonuses, and to establsih Hegemony over the North American continent"

This will only make us more stronger, and we also have some Nationalism in our brood.

I hope that the USA and Mexico keep the good relations. but if you became president, doesn't expect any surrender to you, we are so proud, that we never could fall in your legs, pre prefer to the the Imperialist one.

Yhamilitz Day 1,842, 23:23

Cerb did a good job in diplomacy, had some mistakes but he resolve it.

I don't think that you could resolve it. Big nations need good leaders. and you use some topic for promote yourself.

USA and anyone else can't stand alone in Erepublik, no one had do it before.

GregoryG Day 1,842, 23:27

"I'm starting to feel like we are following Turkey's model of foreign policy."

Honesty, and not hypocrisy. It's something I like and can respect.

Thing is you can have this neither-CoT, nor-Eden, nor-TWO policy only as long as you do not decide to attack one of the prime friends of you MPP allies. Till then, this limbo politics will obviously work.

Dellodas Day 1,842, 23:32

Fyrom aka Vardaska.

GloveisLove Day 1,842, 23:36


Indeed, I played out the long-term scenario of keeping this non-alliance policy in my head, and you're right, so long as we don't attack the 'prime' members we will be fine, but that is a big if. But for immediate and probably next couple of months, this policy could work. Under this policy we could work towards regaining our bonuses, and possibly engaging in war-games in the Pacific and South (ie: Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico), so there would be no reason to attack any 'prime' members

GloveisLove Day 1,842, 23:41


No one expects surrender, but you would be crushed by American Military Might in good time. And you could be held down and only rise when we are distracted in a big war, then we will return to crush you again. Cerb and crew think they are doing a good thing by making sure we have no bonuses, and they want to gain CoT favor, that is why Mexico is on the map, not because they really want good relations with you. A few months of wipe doesn't make any nation stronger, I assure you.

Marianiki4 Day 1,842, 23:45


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,842, 23:57

CoT o/

Antiarmatistis Day 1,842, 00:12

v + s

Candor Day 1,842, 00:58

eAlbania won't come along for this ride either.

Can the Executive just have pool parties each month and invite anyone they want and and quit messin' with mah friendzees?

tiniMKD Day 1,842, 02:01


Rhodesknight Day 1,842, 02:22

to all Fyromians,the name Makedonia is Greek and it is a part of Greece.You can try as much as you like to create lies and cheap propaganda...come on you can do better than that!try more!!!

Wildrunner Day 1,842, 05:10

glove, if mexico creates a big BB there is little if anything you could do to prevent them from growing. And occupation actually fuels the BB even more rather than kill it. Take Chile for example every time they got wiped out by Argentina their population doubled. And on top of that because of the very hard conditions in which they grew up they are now perhaps the best organized country in the game.

Wildrunner Day 1,842, 05:18

And you can't of course keep Mexico occupied for months, Mexico is not Ukraine to screw up relations with everybody in this game, Mexico has many friends and an union too so in this scenario Mexico wont be alone, just like Chile wasn't.

Darkslowstar Day 1,842, 05:57

If America joins CoT, it means that you are back to the old Balcan wars. wasn't that one of the reasons for leaving Eden-Terra?

Who is Macedonia? I know only a Greek province called Macedonia. FYROM is not Macedonia, dear FYROMIANS :😁

GameChanger Day 1,842, 06:04

The thing is, how would you like to be called "former yugoslavic republic of Macedonia"? It's kind of a bad name, if they want to be Macedonia, why not?

GloveisLove Day 1,842, 06:33


They claim to be descendants of ancient Macedonians. They have no relationship with them, they are more closely related to Slavs than anything. Normally I would not have a problem with it, but they force it down everyone's throats, I don't care about their real-life historical complex, but when you force this propaganda on people, I simply won't tolerate it. Naming themselves Macedonia is like if Canada suddenly started calling itself Texas, it simply does not make sense.

Darkslowstar Day 1,842, 06:34

maybe you shout look into the context a little more carefully, GameChanger. What Macedonia means for Greek people, who FYROM is, why there was a former Yugoslavian province called Macedonia, etc

GadjahMadaa Day 1,842, 08:46

Indo-USA wars are my favorite always a good challenge x2

One of those 'rare' war where (some) of the players on both sides respect each others while bang each others hard as well. And of course the "Trolling"...

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,842, 10:47

CoT is the only brotherhood or it is what EDEN should be. We cooperate with TWO because we fight against the fake brotherhood or damagehood.

US can have a lot of room for expansion in Canada and France.

BrUSsia and CoT should cooperate to destroy EDEN.

Hail CoT!
Hail TWO!
Hail BrUSsia!

Darkslowstar Day 1,842, 12:05

Lol, CoT only exists to be on the side of the strong one. Your are like flies on a buffalo. CoT without ONE is zero

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,842, 12:45

I honestly wished you were in the US government because im sure most of their old allies that would have always defended them like myself have become disillusioned at what we are seeing.

taraboshi Day 1,842, 12:53

big vote!

Poker14 Day 1,842, 12:55

Wildrunner +1000

Mexico isn't ur backyard and Mexico never will be alone.
CoT is brotherhood


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