America: Do you trust your peers?

Day 907, 10:22 Published in USA USA by Harrison Richardson
Dear America,

The contents of this article will not be very popular. People in this country favor a very peachy view of our situation at every turn, and many people will no doubt be upset when I tell the truth about our nation. As a one term President, I have no fear of alienating political allies or anyone else by merely telling the truth. I am going to use some examples, which I'm sure will tick some people off but will only further explain and improve upon the points I make in my article.

The truth is that we have a big problem in America. We have a massive "me versus you" ideology that follows us around just like our real life counterparts. I witnessed a budget debate last night where people on the same team forgot that simple fact and instead decided to attack each other. Whether it's SEES vs. non-SEES or non-military vs. military, you're a fool if you don't think it happens and you're a fool if you deny it's a problem. Why must we continue to bicker with these people on our side? Why must we spend our time engaging in these ideologically fallacious arguments with the very same people who run our country beside us?

For an example, from last night:

As we are discussing the next budget, which will span two months, we're talking about a raise to give to the military branches. It's well earned in every respect. However, the way it happened seemed to cause some problems. Three respected military members were the most vocal advocates for bumping up the budget by some x00 gold for mainly the military branches. I wasn't against it, but I wasn't sure the revenue numbers we had would hold; they were from a week with massive battles and I thought that they were inflated. These three military Congressmen seemed to be in lockstep and that caused concern from some other Congressmen.

These three congressmen did nothing wrong. They were advocating for a cause they believe in; however, because of their military affiliation while serving in Congress, some Congressmen (with reason) were skeptical of these reasons and felt that they were mindlessly advocating a route that benefited them personally and felt that such an action was improper.

Why wasn't this entire issue communicated better? Why was I forced to step in and act as a baby sitter? It's simple: one powerful side of our country didn't trust the other powerful side. Ever since the TC budget mishap a handful of months ago, the military has been distrusting of Congress. There are now a few exemplary military officers serving simultaneously in Congress. They serve with honor, but while the military doesn't trust Congress, Congress at some levels doesn't trust the military. And now, my friends, we have a turf war that involves egos more than anything else. I am not innocent in such turf wars either. I readily admit my ego and that it sometimes hurts us. I try to keep it in check and I rely upon my allies to help me in such a respect.

We have to work together and we have to trust each other. - How about a song to fit the occasion?

You and me together, could do anything baby
You and me together yes yes
You and me toether, could do anything baby
You and me together, yes yes

We can always look back at what we did
Only memory of you and me baby
Right now its you and me forever girl
And you know we could do better than anything that we did
You know that you and me we could do anything

For an example from the politico sphere, the recent APF-SEES debacle is one. SEES, why can't you trust other parties to faithfully do their duties to defend us from a PTO? I'm sure you'll cite precedence, but I can remember many times during PP elections (Congress isn't the same) when parties have stepped up. APF, why can't you trust SEES to stick to their word? Have they ever not? We have to trust each other. America has the most dedicated citizens, one of the most powerful economies, one of the strongest mobile militaries, and the greatest minds on the planet. We can trash this game if we work together.

This is not a harp on the military article. It is not a harp on SEES article. It is not a harp on non-SEES article. It is a harp on America article. This is a problem that radiates from every level of every government sector and it harbors our advancement in the game. I am not innocent, the military is not innocent, Congress is not innocent, the level 10 new player is not innocent. As humans, we're looking to advance our own interests too often. As Americans, we're relating too much to real life and the polarized political landscape where two parties diverge from each other based more on ego than policy. We live every day in a real world where government branches are, rightfully, not trusting of each other: why do we feel a need to bring that in to this simple, quaint game?

Last night, I had a mini ragequit. I saw first hand in a budget debate two sides of great Americans seemingly fighting against each other instead of fighting with each other. We cannot keep forcing the President to act as babysitter-in-chief. There are real honest-to-god problems in this country that I will devote every waking hour to fix, including removing Serbia from Asia and improving retention rates, but I cannot focus on them if I'm forced to act as a mediator between two faux platoons within the massive army that is America. The next time that I'm raged to the point where my nick is HR|F**kyouall I suspect will be the same time I turn over my resignation to Congress.

I'm ready to work for you, America, Are you ready to work with me? Look at your neighbor; trust them just as you would trust your mother. We all want what is best for this country, so let's place a bit of faith in the person next to us and allow them to work side along side with us as we, as a team, remove all that is wrong from the World. If we don't, we will continue to turn our wheels in the mud and drop further and further from our rightful place as a world power.

You and me together, we could do anything.