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Ambassador to Slovenia: Slovenian Players + Interview with CP

Day 1,789, 13:29 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Hoffman12

Hello Switzerland 🙂

As you know, I am the Ambassador to Slovenia and I will present you this country in a couple of articles. At the end, you will probably know everything not only about politics in Slovenia, government of Slovenia, Slovenian military, friendship of Slovenia, but also some funny and interesting facts about this Central Europe Country.

I published a couple of articles about Slovenia some time ago.
You can find links to them at the end of this article.

In this article I will present you five Slovenian players who are pretty known worldwide. At the end of the article you will find a short interview with Slovenian Country President, Ariston Darth.

But first, lets start with presentations:

1. skofjaloka
He is mostly known as Slovenian biggest tycoon, or at least he was until administrators changed economy. He is the oldest Slovenian player who does not have enemies in Slovenia (not a lot of them). He never expressed any desire to go into politics and that is probably the reason why he does not have opponents.

2. Colonel Bruce
The mighty player who has big respect in Slovenian community. He is the founder and leader of Slovenian strongest military unit Slovenian Division. He is big tycoon too and that is probably the reason why he could make his military unit so strong. Colonel is known as one of Slovenians strongest tanks. Now he is less active because of the RL break since he got a kid few months ago and has lot of RL responsibilities. He was a CP of Slovenia once.

3. dkivi
Another Slovenian tank who does not have any desire to go into political life, for now. He is kind of »RL Slovenian eRepublic Ambassador«. He is always going to eRepublik meetings abroad, mostly to Croatia, and one time to international meeting in Hungary.

4. Ice Killa aka Howly
He is probably one of best known Slovenian players abroad. He is known for writing lots of articles which are sometimes quite radical. His first nickname was Howly, but he was banned due to eRepublik rebellion. If you combine his both accounts together he is the Slovenian with most CP mandates (6 times CP).

5. 0rinda
He is a player with very diverse history. Back in time he was mostly known as »hamster hunter« (hunter for Croatian multies who were trying to make PTO in Slovenia). After that something terrible has happened: He has stolen the money in Slovenian bank making mayhem in Slovenia. Luckily Administrators returned all the lost gold and money. He became one of the most hated players in Slovenia. It took him a lot of time to regain the trust of Slovenians but he managed. He even apologised for all his past sins and started working for good of a country. Now he is eRepublik moderator and he has a lot of respect again. He was CP two times and had very active and good mandates. Few months ago he helped me with Slovenian version of eRepublik and now he is an Ambassador of eRepublik too.


Q1: What do think about eSwitzerland?
Q1: I have lived in eSwitzerland for a long time. In that time I met some very fine people. The community is warm and helping. The constant struggle against big super powers is very hard for eSwitzerland but because of that you gained a very warm community that every big country could be envy of.

Q2: What do you think about CoT?
Q2: We will strive to have good relations with the CoT. It is a strong alliance that will by my opinion grow even stronger.

Q3: What is your aim as President of eSlovenia?
Q3: My aim is to please the people as much as possible. The aim is to end the war with Italy. But we will not compromise for less, so we will continue the war until further negotiations will be possible. Another problem is the economy. This is the issue that bothers most of eRepublik countries. Because of that we will strive to get another bonus region. It is hard to say what will happen in the future because of the new conditions in middle Europe. We will see how it turns out.

Q4: Are you satisfied with country conditions in eSlovenia?
Q4: As I said. The conditions are not perfect but not bad. We will try to address those problems and solve them.

Q5: What are your expectations about relationship between eSlovenia and eSwitzerland?
Q5: We will see what faces Europe in the next few days, but Slovenia will definitely try to keep good relations with eSwitzerland. I would gladly see more cooperation between our countries.

Q6: Do you want to say something to the Swiss citizens?
Q6: Swiss I love you and I wish you the best. Do not give up and fight for what is yours. AND MAKE A BABY BOOM ALREADY!

This is everything for now. Subscribe on my newspaper and be up to date.

Ambassador to Slovenia
Slovenian Players + Interview with CP

hoffman12, Ambassador to Slovenia

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Hoffman12 Day 1,789, 13:31

Ambassador to Slovenia
Slovenian Players + Interview with CP

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banane fr
banane fr Day 1,789, 13:51

great article again Hoffman12

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Ariston Darth
Ariston Darth Day 1,790, 02:51

Sprne loves Swiss! ; )

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,790, 02:54

Thanks for these very useful articles Hoffman, Swiss diplomacy has a new ideal with you (:

mufekk Day 1,791, 20:42

vote 38 , sub from long ago!
best regards to everybody from esLOVEnia, mufekk, the Trolleybus driver !

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