Amazing fight for Southern Great Plain

Day 449, 03:42 Published in by Plato

One of the most expected event in February was the fight for the Southern Great Plain between Hungary and Romania.

The battle lasted for 16 minutes where citizens from different countries brought their high quality weapons and strengths in order to make a stand. More than 3500 fights had taken place during this battle. An average of 220 fights per minute shows clearly that this was one of the bloodiest conflict that took place in the New World. Other stats show that citizens who fought in this battle managed to reach an average damage of 77.6.

A new record was reached when more than 1100 citizens were online during this event. The servers were over loaded, but even though there were some issues on the way the battle could be finished without major break downs.

All important statistics gathered during this battle will help us a lot in our future analysis regarding why the loading time was higher than normal. Our main challenge is to improve the servers scalability and to continue optimizing the code. The goal of these improvements is to make sure that events like this will run smoothly in the future.

Thank you all for your support and congratulations to all soldiers that fought in this battle. They will surely have an interesting story to tell to the next generations of citizens in the New World.

The eRepublik Team