Alaska Attacked, Brigadier General Speaks about PEACE Threat

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The following is a first of hopefully many works by our new Field Corespondent, WahooBob. It has been lightly edited, as will future reports, to fit the usual Report formatting.


News Break: Alaska Attacked

Just moments to this article's release, Alaska was attacked by Russia. Currently, the Presidential Cabinet is meeting in group with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (military leaders) to decide the official orders to the populous.


If any Alaskan citizens are seeking a hot ticket out (which is dearly recommended), move to New Jersey or Florida. If you do not have a moving ticket, contact Chris Stawick. He is operating a free ticket program.

Interview with Brigadier General of eAirborne

As you may have guessed from the President's Thursday address, the military is on high alert right now. Today we saw Hungary move into Scotland, leaving just 2 regions between them and the American coastline. The UK government is trying to play it down as alternative war games, while the Canadians have labeled the occupation as an act of war. Reports now indicate that the Hungarian army has begun re-supplying its troops for a new assault. Meanwhile, Japan has announced that it will loan a region to Indonesia - a region that shares a border with Hawaii. Japan has declared war to Indonesia already, and we could now potentially see a US-Indonesian border in the Pacific at any time.

I caught up with Brigadier General Josh Frost, the QMG (Editor's Note: Quartermaster General) of the US Airborne today at the Newark Airport where he is stationed. General Frost was kind enough to give a short interview.

The Report: How ready do you think the US is to fend off a full scale attack?
General Frost: The United States is ready to fight to the last man for our homeland and for our loyal ally the Canadians
>All of our troops are well trained and will be using the best weapons available.

TJR: Do you think that just the US and Canada are targets right now, or will peace make an attempt at the Spanish iron mines?
Frost: In my opinion PEACE will make an attempt at attacking the Spanish and I would not be surprised if they attempt to PTO the Greeks too.
>Essentially the powerful nations of PEACE are tyrants and want to rule the world. This battle was inevitable. It's time we draw a line in the sand and stop them in their tracks.

TJR: The USA and the UK have had an up and down relationship, both in eRep and RL. How is the military taking the latest actions by the UK to allow Hungary the use of Scotland as an apparent avenue into North America?
Frost: I think everyone in the USA has the same attitude towards the UK at this point. In my eyes they are the Judas of eRepublik. He got 30 pieces of silver and they got a Q5 Hospital. I hope they enjoy it. This betrayal will not be forgotten.
>Even if an attack does not come in the next 30 days, having Hungary at our doorstep effectively eliminates our war games. This costs the USA valuable training.

TJR: Does the military have any plans in the works to make them remember the betrayal after the PEACE threat is gone?
Frost: Not that I know of, but I have a long memory and mark my words the Hungarians will eventually turn on the Brits and I doubt anyone will be busting their ass to help them.
>I'm sure Neville Chamberlain would be proud of the UK's current stance on world affairs.

TJR: Let's turn now to the Pacific theatre of this brewing world war. Japan has opened their doors to Indonesia and by extension has paved the way into Hawaii
>Would Indonesia attack Hawaii before Hungary has a direct border with New England?
Frost: In all likelihood Indonesia will attack Hawaii as the Hungarians attack Canada. The question is who else will be a part of these attacks. Rumors are that Portugal and Russia might be involved, but on a personal level I think the Russians and Portuguese have too much integrity for that. I hope they don't prove me wrong.

TJR: So you aren't as worried about the Russian, Portuguese, and French wars that are open with direct borders and PEACE MPPs? (Editor's Note: Mutual Protection Pacts)
Frost: They concern me, but I also believe in the inherent good of people. I wonder if the Russians would be willing to attack us despite the fact that Hungary currently possesses two of their key territories and dominate their elections. An attack from France and Portugal serves no long term benefit for them, so I fail to see the logic behind a potential attack by them.

TJR: That should be good news us. Any final words to the American people as they prepare to defend the homeland?
Frost: I have a statement for the entire world instead.
>The United States is a great nation. In the past we have made some errors in judgment, but I believe we have always acted with noble intentions. Our current policy has been to free oppressed nations around the globe. We freed Greece and Israel despite heavy odds. In the meantime, the Hungarians and Indonesians continue to manipulate elections and hold South Africa, Australia, and various other nations hostage. If PEACE is so kind and merciful, why do they do that? Hungary and Indonesia can attack us and they might win a few territories initially, but inevitably good will triumph.
>We will drive them out of our lands and send them back home and one day people will get tired of these tyrants and rise up against them and then we will truly have peace in the world.

TJR: Thank you for your time sir. Best of luck this week.
Frost: No problem, thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Reporting from Newark for The Jewitt Report,
-WahooBob, Field Correspondent


Edited by Jewitt, Chief Editor