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Akashaton as President!

Day 2,053, 05:20 Published in Norway Norway by Akashaton

Vote for Akashaton!
It is my great pleasure to run as Country President (CP) this term!
I have not had the joy of serving as CP yet;
I was vCP ones.
I'm currently serving my 18. term in our Congress.
I'm currently our Congress Chairman,
and Party President (PP) of Free Liberty,
I've been PP for a lot of different parties through the times,
and I am Captain in our main MU, Det Norske Forsvarets (2. Regiment)

I am fortunate and proud to have gathered one of the Greatest
and most extensive Cabinet ever,
to guide us trough this summer mount!

Ministers written with Bold are the main officials,
and get access to all Governmental functions

Governor/vice CP - T Cherub

Minister of Defense (MoD) - Che Kukaken
- vice MoD - IngCognito
- vice MoD - Delirium90

Minister of Finances (MoF) - fredrikz
- vice MoF - Kilorien

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - Stakerauo
- vice MoFA - Divonex
- vice MoFA - Vileskont

Ministers of Immigration (MoI)
- West Bergen
- Per Jostein

Ministers of Solidarity and Education (MoSaE)
- Wilpanzer
- Sky 33

Minister of Fun and Games (MoFaG)
- Chepe Nolon



MrManiac Day 2,053, 05:39

You got my vote this time

Akashaton Day 2,053, 05:59

Thanks! 🙂

fredrikz Day 2,053, 06:13


T Cherub
T Cherub Day 2,053, 07:29

The inevitable... Akashaton gets his chance as CP.

Chepe Nolon
Chepe Nolon Day 2,053, 08:00

Again I am left out as minister of fun and games I cry

bATRA Day 2,053, 08:26

Pretty sad 😕

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,053, 09:37

Chepe as minister of sillywalks!!

Akashaton Day 2,054, 02:02

I hereby declarer you MoFaG! 😃

bATRA Day 2,054, 07:14

Chepe Nolon... Akashaton called you a fag 😉 hahaha

Akashaton Day 2,054, 07:58

This is what a Minister of Fun and Games is called! ;P

Akashaton Day 2,054, 07:59

No need to cry and weep, about that! 😉

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,053, 09:37


babk Day 2,053, 10:13

I don't know you but I have followed some of people that you take into your cabinet and they seem to be long term constructive members of eNorway community.

Since recently some later CPs (not taking fredriks into account) did more damage then good to this nation, as a citizen I would like to know your plans for this term before I make my mind.

Most important question would be your plans in regard to a scenario where the whole country is occupied by an agressor nation.

Akashaton Day 2,054, 02:09

In the realistic scenario that we were occupied by 3 aggressors,
Slovakia, Lithuania and Belarus. I will do my utmost to free a suitable number of regions on cooperation and with the aid of our Asgard brothers, and other Allies.

babk Day 2,054, 04:46

I don't think we are going to face 3 aggressors. Slovakia alone gonna pass existing blockade (occupied by own allied partner) and erase us out of the map if nothing extraordinary happens soon ...

Akashaton Day 2,054, 05:28

I was naming our current occupiers.
The war in the North against Belarus is going well;
Slovakia is even easier to beat in RW's later on. 🙂

Delirium90 Day 2,054, 03:24

Akashaton is the only person ingame that i trsut more than myself 😛 he is the reason i started Erep, so i am 100% sure he will help our country out of these dark times 😉

Akashaton Day 2,054, 03:37

Thank for the kind word!
You are too kind, Delirium90. 😃

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,053, 11:51

Good luck!

Akashaton Day 2,054, 02:04

Thank you!

AlexeyWB Day 2,053, 12:02

+1 vote

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 2,053, 14:39

o7 & good luck!

Per Jostein 4 CP! 😃

Akashaton Day 2,054, 02:04


zanman8 Day 2,054, 13:39

Voted, he more then deserves his shot.

Jasper Zuidema
Jasper Zuidema Day 2,054, 14:10

Good luck! o7

H a m p a
H a m p a Day 2,054, 15:52

GL o7

Akashaton Day 2,055, 01:45

Thanks to You all! 😃

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