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AIRSTRIKE [ all you need to know ]

Day 1,724, 06:50 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1724

Dear eRepublikans,

it's been a while since my last article. I was preoccupied with other things, but here's the opportunity to write to you again.

Today the administration added a new, very interesting thing in the game. I'm sure you all already know some things about it, but let me summarize it.

Most important of all is that, every country can attack another country without having borders between them. As you know, so far, you could attack only on the neighbors with which you have borders.

An Airstrike war can be started by proposing an Airstrike law by the Country President, once the requirements of the law are met and the majority of the congress validates it.
The Airstrike laws can be proposed only once every 14 days, but only Accepted laws are taken into consideration.
Only the countries that don't have border with yours can be selected as targets for Airstrike.

This is nice and good for war module, and for entire game, but if you want enjoy in your AS, you will have to pay...and pay a lot 🙂

The Airstrike has 2 requirements:

-amount of Health Units (provided by Food items)
-amount of currency

Each citizen above level 25 can contribute to the Airstrike requirements.

The amount of each requirement may fluctuate from country to country based on the wealth of the country.

*Health formula:
Health Units Required = (Country Population + All Allies Population ) * 50

Note: Donating a Q1 Food unit will provide 2 Health Units, Q2 will provide 4 Health Units and so on.


• Poland
Poland and friends currently have about 80.000 inhabitants
- 80.000 * 50

So on top of the 8.775.000 PLN , Poland would have to get 4.000.000 wellness, or 400.000 Q5 food which is another 440.000 PLN.

*Currency formula
Currency Required = (1.000.000 Currency + 100.000 Currency for each region owned that is not original ) * ( 1 + (25 * Number of distinct Food Resources Owned)/100 ))

This does look more complicated than it actually is and I will show you how it works with two very different examples,

• Germany
- 1.000.000 DEM basic costs
We currently have 5 Danish Regions,
- 1.000.000 DEM + 500.000 DEM
and 3 Food bonus
- (1.000.000 + 500.000) * (1 +((25 * 3)/100))

That means, we would have to pay 2.625.000 DEM for a single airstrike, excluding the necessary food.

• Poland
- 1.000.000 PLN basic costs
Poland is currently occupying 29 regions in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
- 1.000.000 PLN + 2.900.000
and of course they have 5 types of food bonus
- (1.000.000 + 2.900.000) * (1 +((25 *5)/100))

Equals an amount of 8.775.000 PLN for an attack, as you can see the amount of occupied regions and food bonus significantly raises the price.

Math above (italic part) is used from this article

We still waiting for first airstrike, but till that happens, let me show you just some facts about AS fighting.


-When the Airstrike law is validated by the congress, a new War will be started.
-The initiator of the war has the initiative for 24 hours.
-If initiator of the war does not start a Battle in the first 24 hours of the War, a battle will be automatically started in one of the attackable regions.

As you see, nothing new between attacking so far and new AS attack.

War mechanics

-If initiator Country wins the first campaign the rest of the war will continue with normal War Rules.
-If initiator Country loses the first Campaign, the War is closed.

Take a look on bold part. In regular war, War will continue, in most cases, but here, if you fail on your first move, you will loose a lot of money and food. So, every country must be carefull.

Additional notes

-A country with no regions cannot use Airstrike.
-If a region is conquered, the bonus does not count because of the Transport routes rule.
-Unlike Natural enemy, You don't have to wait 7 days for propose a Peace treaty, it can be done at anytime.

The possibility of contributing for the Airstrike requirements will run out on DAY 1732, however Airstrike laws can be still proposed if the requirements are met.

They gived this as important note, so i don't know is this just temporary addition, or this will be regular part of this game.

Anyway, this addition some calling just a lame way to help food indusrty. I don't know, but surely they helped economy. As you can see, GOLD rate still falling down, and that is god part.

Lot of curency will go on airstrikes, and that is main thing to improve whole economy. I wrote about this issue few times. If AS remain as regular par of game, it should be good thing, if not, this will be just another temporary, and assome saying....lame way to help this game to stay alive.

Also, im recomending you to read this article 🙂
and this one too.

For shout:

AIRSTRIKE [all u need to know]

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slogru Day 1,724, 07:02


SerbianFenceJumper Day 1,724, 07:02

Dobar... ovaj ... great article !!!

Clorofila Day 1,724, 07:13

great job

Khan Singh
Khan Singh Day 1,724, 07:20


BadMail Day 1,724, 07:24

All eCountry in the new world lets NE eRomania together LoL

Lord Oli
Lord Oli Day 1,724, 07:24

Platon nas je opet iznenadio

SexyCicko Day 1,724, 07:28

there is about 120.000.000 CC on MM for 0.001

10-20 airstrikes will take care of that : )

Steveeven Day 1,724, 07:30

Thanks for the analysis. V

XTX660 Day 1,724, 07:30


Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,724, 07:51


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,724, 07:55


elveon Day 1,724, 07:55

dakle Q(9-1) oruzije ce biti avion : D

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,724, 08:03

Nice analysis, thanks!

kuckuck Day 1,724, 08:57


EmparioZ Day 1,724, 09:22


good article

adrjo Day 1,724, 09:24

v !

Relorian Day 1,724, 09:47

Another crap addon from the admins who cant fix features and just introduce new stuff to get cash. No thanks.

Norbengo Day 1,724, 09:51

Voted, shouted

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 1,724, 09:59

a very good article

cc1432 Day 1,724, 10:46

do the maths for countries like Philippines or Singapore xD

Kutluk Bilge Kul BrYc
Kutluk Bilge Kul BrYc Day 1,724, 11:46

question: after airstrike war began if two countries become neighbour, then is airstrike war still continue?

doktorDre Day 1,724, 11:47

That airstrike options cost too much.
I have an idea ->
>Admins create medal/gold bonus.
>Medal/gold bonus depends on how much food you have donated to the country accounts for Airstrike.
>People are challenged to donate food for gold if region is liberated/defeated.
>Food market go well
Also.True Patriot medal must be changed.Now it depends on killed soldiers on the field, not the damage you have done !

Mamihlapinatapai Day 1,724, 12:28

He did not do the math, he just copy pasted:


Efesli Day 1,724, 12:37


Dr. Dencil
Dr. Dencil Day 1,724, 13:28

beautiful and unknown!


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,724, 13:49

@Marcelo i noted math is copied from that article...why to do same job 2x ?!

mostates Day 1,724, 13:53

Dead game is dead, why still milk dead cow?

AlexxxZR Day 1,724, 15:10

mogao si i na srpskom da napises... inace ok text

Last 0ne
Last 0ne Day 1,724, 15:25


Starcop Seven
Starcop Seven Day 1,724, 16:09

my ad is up i think

Joanne Williams
Joanne Williams Day 1,724, 17:02

thanx for the info, v&s o/

Starcop Seven
Starcop Seven Day 1,724, 17:12

JTF2 Join Today

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,724, 17:36


Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,724, 17:38

nice article and a waste of money

JyM22 Day 1,724, 19:09

And as we all know, America will likely be the victim of a simultaneous airstrike gangbang by 6-7 countries at some point. You guys are just too tempting a target.

stewy Day 1,724, 19:50

^sounds good... i'm bored as **** over here >.>

CII venom
CII venom Day 1,724, 20:21

Nice article hanibal. I foresee very high inflation in the near future as a direct result from this...

Adam Pro
Adam Pro Day 1,724, 21:46

they should make it where only the air force could do this

LordRahl2 Day 1,724, 22:52

>This is nice and good for war module, and for entire game

no it is not.

Arrden Day 1,724, 23:42

Abraham Lincoln's spirit shall haunt you for the rest of your days

Starcop Seven
Starcop Seven Day 1,725, 04:58

everyone air striking usa is probably whats actaully going to happen the ex ONE will assemble

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,725, 05:49

guys, dont forget...AS are very expencive, so, dont expect so many AS in future 😉

Lutzein Day 1,725, 06:28


Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Day 1,725, 09:59

não votado por estar em amaricano.

Papa Francisco I
Papa Francisco I Day 1,725, 13:14


cCc The World is CHOTO cCc

Cthulhu.. Day 1,725, 14:54

Very informative article. Thanks.

cc1432 Day 1,725, 16:07

this module would be really successful if the attacking country might benefit from the resources acquired through an air strike. basically the region conquered would act like a bridge or direct supply line at the capital and all the conquered regions bordering the "air stroked" one would be linked to the capital. Also if a rw succeeds in the bridge region all other bonuses won't be connected.
This would make this feature very useful and it would have the required impact upon the food market.

cc1432 Day 1,725, 16:10

Another idea is to give a contributor medal for those who give most CC and/or Food during the "gathering event period" xD

Aimo Mela
Aimo Mela Day 1,725, 18:27

@doktorDre Idiot.

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