Airborne Fall Contest

Day 2,544, 17:04 Published in USA USA by seeker1

The Airborne's fall contest starts this Tuesday (Nov. 11th) so put on your war paint!

Due to the reorganization of our divisions and platoons the rules are different this season. The biggest differences are that all 3 platoons will continue on to the second week, and there will not be a break between the two weeks. So be ready on Monday night at 11:59 and 59 seconds... you'll have two consecutive weeks of contast battles!

The rules are simple. You win points for being active. There are 5 different ways to earn points so be sure to do them all every day to help your platoon win.
1. Fight
2. Respond to the orders on the forum
3. Visit the Airborne's private IRC channel
4. Sign the Battle Channel form (the link is found in the topic in the IRC channel)
5. Respond to the weekly roll call
More details can be found on the forum under the Airborne thread "Additional Orders and Announcements," including point values for each task.
And, as vrpanch put it, "Good luck, and make sure to completely cleave your opponents head off!"

Col. K9Fun661
DCO Airborne


Minimum requirement: 20,000 Strength
Application: Airborne Application
Public IRC channel: #Airborne

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