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Day 2,086, 21:47 Published in Switzerland Canada by Mrs. Rylde

What's with the two extra stars?


Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,086, 21:51

more stars = more cc

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 21:54

It also means that they are thinking about bringing Defense Systems/Shields back again to the market.

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,086, 21:56

yeah but damn wouldn't it make BH hunting a mess?

remi.remi Day 2,086, 22:43

do you think the admins care about that? 😛

Jelly9473 Day 2,086, 21:54

voted 🙂

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 21:55

Hey Jelly. Long time no smell.

helixer Day 2,086, 21:56

Isn't the highest level defense shield in the contest a level 7? That would explain the stars.

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 22:00

And a synapse fires...

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:25

But that screen shot is from the marketplace not the defense shield crap article. They've added room for Q6 & Q7 defense systems. Me thinks the admin is up to no good.

Get ready to buy stone companies.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,086, 22:42

I'd like that

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 22:04

It will make things more easy...well, it will make things easier for them to take our money. Sad really

MaryamQ Day 2,086, 22:04

Well, well, well! Sneaky little devils, aren't they?

Rican Day 2,086, 22:24

you just figuring that out

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 22:08

I must that the ORIGINAL Firefox, from the 90s? 😛 It looks so antiquated that I couldn't help but laugh. Or do you just prefer that style?

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:23

Plain white wrapper. I don't know what's gonna happen when I have to upgrade my OS. I'm running XP Home with the "Classic Widows" display and FF with no desktop decoration.

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 22:08

Comment deleted

Rican Day 2,086, 22:24

/me wants hospitals too (even if it's only for the sake of nostalgia)

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:30

Gifts too? lol

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 2,086, 22:54

I miss my gift shops sooooooo much 🙁

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:56

/me sends CW imaginary gift.

Mike Ontry
Mike Ontry Day 2,086, 22:27

Good find!

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:31

/me wants to build houses!

remi.remi Day 2,086, 22:45

Accounts tab for pickle's multi accounts!!!!!11!! Conspiracy revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,086, 22:53


remi.remi Day 2,086, 22:55

Thedillpickl feigns ignorance to controversy!

Accounts bookmark 😛 (jk though of course ;P)

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 23:05

Multiple tabs open= Slow internet or article reading...OR Multis!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA. DILL is finally caught!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,086, 23:11

I hope they bring them back.

sgtchewy Day 2,086, 23:11

More comments than votes = Good article
Just sayin'
It means that people are sticking around to argue or just make bad jokes. Either way.

Rusto Day 2,086, 23:28

moving tickets and houses also have that, even TG have that (ok they been have that).

Benjamin Doverton
Benjamin Doverton Day 2,086, 23:38

Those two extra stars have been there for awhile actually. I was looking through the defense systems and hospitals a couple weeks ago and they were there. Man I miss hospitals. Someone bring me v1 please? I'll tip.

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,087, 01:44

The odd hospital pops up now and then. Haven't seen one in a few months though. They don't last long, a lot more people playing today.

The extra stars are still fairly recent. I have no idea why I clicked on defense and hospitals, maybe wishful thinking, but I didn't notice anything a month ago.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,087, 05:46

guys, read the event description.

- At the end of the tournament each country will win a Defence Shield based on its position in the rankings:

- Places 1 to 10 - Quality 7 Defence Shield
- Places 11 - 20 - Quality 6 Defence Shield
- Places 21 - 30 - Quality 5 Defence Shield
- Places 31 - 40 - Quality 4 Defence Shield
- Places 41 - 50 - Quality 3 Defence Shield
- Places 51 - 60 - Quality 2 Defence Shield
- Places 61 - 70 - Quality 1 Defence Shield

What is a Defence Shield?

- More details with the full specifications for the Defence Shields will be provided in a following Latest Updates article. Until then, here is a quick preview about the amount of damage that Defence Shields can absorb:

- Quality 7: 10 billion damage
- Quality 6: 8 billion damage
- Quality 5: 6 billion damage
- Quality 4: 4 billion damage
- Quality 3: 3 billion damage
- Quality 2: 2 billion damage
- Quality 1: 1 billion damage

Mrs. Rylde
Mrs. Rylde Day 2,087, 07:18

I read the description in the original article. This leads me to ask, what the hell you are talking about? I merely am pointing out that the admin has recently updated the old Defense System Icon, found in the Marketplace, with 7 stars where before it was only 5 stars. This and the introduction of the Defense Shield, which goes to Q7 (or stars) causes me to ponder if they might be considering the reintroduction of some past items.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,087, 07:21

click on the countdown timer on the bottom left, this was copied and pasted from there

Cronoss Day 2,087, 21:31

Those stars are since they introduced Q7 Factories, but after all this time you just figured out now. yeah .... you are smart.

NOT! 😁

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,088, 13:12

HAHAHAHA you crack me up cracka bro, love it how you came 1-2 pow with the "NOT!" Such a genius.

NOT! 😉

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