Agreement Between Who???

Day 1,129, 11:59 Published in South Africa USA by Champinator

An agreement has just been struck between the Hungarian PTOers and the "True South Africans." This deal resulted in the "freeing" of eSA from Hungarian rule. Now, many people are in jubilation over this treaty. However, it is no reason to celebrate; rather, we should feel betrayed and ripped off.

The first matter of this bad deal is how it was dealt. Six "True South Africans" were in attendance to the meetings with the Huns. This is a good number, but they didn't represent eSA. Democracy is a great thing when used correctly, unlike here. The only people that knew of the meetings were these six people. The only people that had any input were these six people. Congress, which really is the true representative of eSA, did not know at all. So basically, nobody knew of these meetings, and therefore could not provide input. Who were these six people to decide what all of eSA wanted? How were they able to know what we wanted? They weren't able to know and they were not justified to act upon eSA as a whole. Democracy failed epically here.

Now the agreement itself is complete bulls***. Where the h*** is the 500 Gold supposed to come from? Why the h*** are the Huns still going to be here? Why are they still going to be in Congress, getting Treasure Maps? Why are we being their b****? Clearly it is because of the lack of involvement from the people of eSA as stated in the previous paragraph. If there had been correct representation and talks amongst Congress, this s***ty deal would not have been so s***ty. The Huns have had months and months to steal all our money as my good friend Stryke Blayde had been so kind to find out and tally up. Where the h*** are we going to get 500 Gold from is the Huns have been stealing it? They've been here for too long and have been in control for too long so why are they being allowed to stay for a while longer? They should be kicked out ASAP. And why are they going to be in control of almost half of Congress and our one Party? This is just complete bulls***!

And finally, there is the "elitest" s*** again. Only six people knew of these meetings and had any say. And in section 6.d. it says:
"Senior politicians will take care about keeping the media unbiased and keeping trolls under control as much as possible. Senior politicians and opinion makers will be obliged to ask for calm and patience in articles (or comments), on chat, on forums, and in PM-s."
We have a Freedom of Speech and I will use it. I will do what I want in my own newspaper, my personal chats with people on the forums and PRIVATE-messages (PMs.) You cannot, should not, and will not tell me what I can and cannot say because someone has to expose this s***ty deal. And leaving it to "senior politicians," or "elitests" as many people will call them, to censure people is communistic and undemocratic.

In conclusion, this "agreement" is the worst deal I have ever seen. Call me a terrorist if you want because I do not accept this agreement and I am sure neither will most of eSA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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