Day 5,988, 07:00 Published in Mexico Armenia by Camat AG

AG-Mexico Spring Challenge 2024
Desafío de Primavera Semanal | Día 5971-5984

After two weeks of intense competition, the results of the AG-Mexico Spring Challenge 2024 are in, showcasing the remarkable achievements of our top participants. Let's take a moment to recognize their dedication and skill in conquering the challenges set before them.

Level Up
Camat AG - 21 levels
AG. G E R U S A N - 15 levels
Salsban - 14 levels

Sky Hunter
AG. G E R U S A N - 124 SHs
AG.Boeds - 112 SHs
AG.eLJono - 82 SHs

Battle Master
Camat AG - 466 BHs
nqkfolme - 76 BHs
uxiors - 75 BHs

Air Growth
Camat AG - 3,408,775 air rank points
SHe0L - 3,113,825 air rank points
Salsban - 2,994,217 air rank points

Ground Impact
SAHITH - 62,014,815,274 ground damage
nqkfolme - 26,225,758,760 ground damage
Coqui Bezelao - 21,366,752,845 ground damage

2 PHs during the event:
Camat AG


Full result

As we conclude the AG-Mexico Spring Challenge 2024, we want to extend our sincere congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments.
See you in the next tournament!

Al concluir el Desafío de Primavera AG-México 2024, queremos extender nuestras sinceras felicitaciones a todos los participantes por sus destacados esfuerzos y logros.
¡Nos vemos en el próximo torneo!

!! BONUS !!

Your points can be converted into extra prizes. Comment with your choice.
Tus puntos pueden convertirse en premios. Comenta con tu elección.

- 1000 Q2 Food (2 points)
- 60 Q7 weapons (10 points)
- 6 q5 air weapons (20 points)
- 20k cc (50 points)