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After reforms, MPP case, congress elections.

Day 1,775, 10:44 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Magic


As I promised, I’m writing article about what my government has been up to in the last few days. First of all, I’d like to start with our army. Yes, we can call it army now, not Military Unit, because it’s much more effective than before, and the costs of this army are very, very low. Our influence on military strikes is good in comparison to other world MUs. It’s about 9 million influence in one strike, and we do a strike every day, at about 19:00-20:00 UK time. The best thing in our new, reformed army is that we do not need to be ashamed in the international scene. Personally I think that this reform is the biggest advantage of this term. We pay about 3500 GBP daily, but we use only about 60 weapons, when we produce 200 daily. So we pay 3500, but 140 weapons cost(20 GBP/ea) is 2800 GBP. So we pay 700 GBP for about 8 million influence! Also, we have weapons which we can use to supply people in an emergency case, like the SWoE battle. If you are interested in more statistics about how the BEF works, visit forum & check statistics of strikes at!

I’m glad to say, that we’re ending the war with Ireland. Peace should be proposed soon, and I ask all congress member to vote YES in this proposal.

Our Second reform is the NHS. For now it works fine, it’s paid for privately, but on the forum there is a debate about additional things which can be added to it, like investments in new players, and helping them in upgrading training/getting companies. If you are interested - you should check our forum!

Congress was elected, so it’s time for a Congress Leader poll. Some people think that we should delete this position and return back the old system, the tried and tested MoHA & MoLA. Personally I think that CL would be better (he’s MoHA+MoLA in one), but I will leave this to my successor.

The last case is the Macedonia & the UK MPP incident. As I said, I didn’t want to renew this MPP. Reason was simple - I thought that the best thing for the UK would be being neutral in the USA-MKD conflict. But I didn’t think that the society of UK and MKD really cared about the symbol of this MPP, as we are a friend of Macedonia and always will be; I erred in thinking we could be so without the MPP, and soI finally changed my mind and decided to let our next government think about it, and we renewed this MPP. I hope this decision will be good for our country.

I hope, that new congress will do well, and we will make new, better United Kingdom as a great place to be!



Magic Day 1,775, 10:45

For better UK!

Jimbojoy Day 1,775, 10:47

Just to clarify for those who aren't aware, Magic means the War will end when the missions period is over.

Magic Day 1,775, 10:49

As Jimbojoy says, war will be ended after missions, but actually it's now not treaty, but training/mission war 😛

Niemand Day 1,775, 23:20

Macedonia is our friend. That is why we accepted the MPP renewal.
Good to see savings are made so with our little income we are ready for a war when needed.

scyzoryck Day 1,776, 03:54


Another War Veteran
Another War Veteran Day 1,776, 04:51

Oh look, the second, maybe third article he's posted as CP.

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 1,776, 05:26

I know, AWV, 1 article every 5 days!

Bet he thinks he's spoiling us

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,776, 09:10

And what does MPP stand for? Member of Parliament's Perks? Many People Panicking? Mutually Pleasurable Punishment? I hate acronyms that are not readily comprehensible.

killer2001 Day 1,776, 09:13


Magic Day 1,776, 09:15

It's alliance with some country.

Madacaion Day 1,776, 12:26

Mutual Protection Pact

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