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AFA: We Are Rising!

Day 1,843, 23:50 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan
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Well my friends, this is the slowest news day I have seen on here in a long time, so I figured I would publish the first substantial article of the day. Before the spin doctors come in here to try to make this in to something it's not, I am going to lay out the cold, hard facts. Despite the entire corrupt establishment being against the AFA, the pattern is clear. We are growing stronger, while they are in decline. We are the Dark Knights of Liberty, and in the end, the heroes always triumph over the villains. Hanibal LA has been very gracious in his attitude towards people who treat a huge portion of the American population with the utmost cruelty. We can expect more hostility from Inwegen, but we are ready to fight it, and free our fair nation from the clutches of tyranny.

The enemy expects to win a war of attrition, but it is they who will lose this war. We are growing in numbers, while they shrink by the day. Our party and its allies truly represent what is great about our country. Now, in the spirit of Hanibal's namesake, we will strike fear in to the heart of Rome itself.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who support our party, both at home and abroad. There are too many people to name, and you all know who you are. This is truly a team effort, and you have all helped make it possible. I have no doubt that the day is coming soon where a member of our party will sit in the eOval Office, and that we WILL rise to power! To those foreign governments who are pressured by Inwegen, his master Pfeiffer, and their merry band of thugs to turn on us, remember who your true friends are. If someone would turn their backs on you, or choose to throw you to the wolves in favor of your enemies, these are not people deserving of your admiration or trust.
Who can you trust to wisely lead the USA and stay true to its friends?
American Freedom Alliance

Your Proud Party President
Ronald Gipper Reagan


morningblur Day 1,843, 00:00

Actually you have managed to do one thing. You have managed to unite the factions in this country to stop the pto your Servian masters in the AFA have formulated. I would have never thought that it would be possible for some of the groups working together now to get along. You and the AFA have shown that there are things far worse than the petty arguments they had with each other. You have made stopping your pto a national uniting cause. Thanks

Stef40 Day 1,843, 00:05


morningblur Day 1,843, 00:07

All in all this is a very good thing. Just by being yourself you have provided something that every American has in common with each other. Our dislike for you and anything even connected with you. You are so disliked in this country that you have had to recruit foreigners who have no clue of your true worth to work with you. That says a lot Ajay, you claim to want a job in real life politics but yet you show zero ability to even be tolerated let alone liked. A pariah can never be a politician.

TU4EA Day 1,843, 00:31


MadiMadeleine Day 1,843, 00:40


Thedillpickl Day 1,843, 01:21

"Well my friends, this is the slowest news day I have seen on here in a long time..."

Because Hanibal lost his ass and you didn't want to bring that up did you?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,843, 01:22

^ 10 articles written all day.

Show me another day with only 10 articles in 24 hours.

Thedillpickl Day 1,843, 01:26

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who support our party, both at home and abroad. There are too many people to name..."

And Ajay's keyboard doesn't have all them keys with funny looking letter with them squiggly marks. 😃:D

Publius Day 1,843, 01:39

Double impeach pls

Cipi0tul Day 1,843, 01:53

how it will rise? with fake parties? 😁) big fail

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,843, 02:10

@Cip0tul: If the parties are fake, open up a support ticket with Plato. If he agrees with you and dissolves them, more power to you. If he disagrees with you and says the party are legitimate by the game mechanics he created, then you can STFU.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,843, 02:15

You do realize that without you and your party Pfeiffer and Inwegen would never have been elected PotUS? So with respect to this I have written a new slogan for your party.

AFA: Helping to elect the otherwise unelectable.

morningblur Day 1,843, 02:35

And that anonymoushooligan is the point I was making. The very fact of Ajay and the AFA trying to pto the eUSA has created the exact opposite effect that they want. The only reason Pfeiffer was elected president is by the AFA pto'ing us. They have taken our ability to have free elections. As long as the AFA exists then the eUSA will keep electing people Ajay can't stand. priceless gotta love unintended consequences

YoSoyMoai Day 1,843, 03:13

omg beautiful article!

gukty Day 1,843, 03:16


PigInZen Day 1,843, 03:28

Don't you have someone to stalk?

loftedraptor Day 1,843, 05:44

AFA is a Player's Party! It gives every player a fair shake, and everybody a good shot at USA Citizenship, no matter where you live in real life. It sure as heck is.reasonable it expect those granted citizenship to remain in the AFA for a while to help us hold the door open for other players to follow.

Kostoulas Day 1,843, 05:52

v+52 s+1529

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,843, 06:12

*Ghost of Tom Joad* passes out homemade political pamplets:
Socialist, Free Press:
Loose Cannon

V #50

FirstLaw Day 1,843, 07:18

It was a good turnout for Hannibal. I didn't expect that he would get anything more than 33% based on your membership numbers, but he ended up with 39% and he wasn't even running against Henry Pfieffer this time. I was surprised.

But unless AFA gets to 35% representation in Congress, any president AFA elects would be promptly impeached. And you would need at least 50% representation to influence policy by passing laws.

It's a moral victory now, but in time it could turn real.

fingerguns Day 1,843, 07:24

No, actually, it's yet another loss in a long string of losses.

You know you missed your shot to actually pull this off. You're holding out hope for something that can't actually happen. Your members will realize this eventually and move on with their lives.

The Artful Dodge
The Artful Dodge Day 1,843, 07:59

A simple look at the results of the past few months shows that the AFA is not in the ascendancy. If you are going to keep up this schtick, at least pick something that can be somewhat supported by factual evidence.

You had your high water mark already, and you couldn't capitalize on it.

FirstLaw Day 1,843, 09:03

"A simple look at the results of the past few months shows that the AFA is not in the ascendancy."

A simple look shows an increase of membership in AFA for the third straight month with corresponding increases in Congress over the past three election cycles. So Ajay is correct.

I discuss it here as well :

The Artful Dodge
The Artful Dodge Day 1,843, 09:31

I was talking election results, not numbers. They have not come anywhere near winning the CP race the last two elections. Those numbers aren't serving them well it would seem.

FirstLaw Day 1,843, 09:44

...And yet, they somehow became the largest party in the country.

I know, there may be different ways of looking at this, but Unity seems to be losing it's grip and it's because some members aren't facing facts

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,843, 10:13

First Law, you should also remember that many people dislike Inwegen almost as much as they do Pfeiffer. Look back at October and November's election numbers. When Unity runs a candidate that most people like or are at least neutral towards they do much better then they did this month.

FirstLaw Day 1,843, 10:49

"many people dislike Inwegen almost as much as they do Pfeiffer"

Yes, that's true. I've said many times before that Unity should nominate their candidates carefully because a protest vote may hand victory to AFA. So you have a good point.

FirstLaw Day 1,843, 10:50

But look at what the AFA candidate pulled in against Cerb last month. The percentage is nearly identical to what they pulled in the Conressional elections one week prior and that number has been rising consitently for over three months.

And as I've also stated before. AFA is the only party in the US who's membership is rising and there's a strong correlation between membership and party representation in Congress. Unity is in trouble if they can't reverse that tide.

Candor Day 1,843, 10:58

Post Election Analysis:

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,843, 11:20


Alexandros Pegasus
Alexandros Pegasus Day 1,843, 11:32

afa will rise
desperately need 10 q7

HladenSpricar Day 1,843, 11:54

Go home AFA or do something useful for this eCountry!

No fun (and bonuses) since you wanna help the poor American people... : P

HladenSpricar Day 1,843, 11:54

PS: and buy some Votes at Voters Club... : D

Norbengo Day 1,843, 14:58

^^ I must admit, this Croatian troll is a good one

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,843, 19:19


joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,843, 20:10

You do realize your history's off right? I mean yeah, Hannibal managed to get to Italy, I'll give you that one. But he wasn't actually able to take Rome, so his offensive was, in strategic terms, a failure. In return though, Rome struck back, assaulted Carthage, sacked it, and burned it to the ground, and completely destroyed their empire, and turned everything else into colonies for Rome. So... yea, not quite the best example for your side is it?

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Day 1,843, 20:25

o7 america will be freed as soon as AFA can get someone in office abd get this country going the right way

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,843, 21:19

joshua, I think you got the narrative quite wrong.

Hannibal would've sacked Rome itself, but the Romans were attacking Carthage and he had to return to defend his people. Also, you seem to not understand that there were three Punic Wars. Hannibal was long dead when this happened.......

Talostastic Day 1,844, 09:43

This cycle, the AFA garnered 117 more votes in the CP race than the last election.

Between 06 Nov and 05 Dec, 250 people were granted eUSA citizenship.

While I don't have the time to go through and check who approved who from what party, I would guess it's safe to say that at LEAST 30% of those approvals were done by and for the AFA. That's a minimum of 75 new AFA members. Which means your rhetoric swayed AT MOST 42 people.

The AFA isn't rising, they're just gaming their way to the top.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,844, 17:41

hahaha RGR, Hannibal LOST!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,844, 17:44

USA will rise, AFA will bow down and leave after the PTO Serbian Masters get tired of this.

BrandonJ Day 1,844, 17:56

Voted! 07

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,844, 21:26

Uh no, you got the narrative wrong. During his escapades over the Alps, he lost a large portion of his elephants, and ALL of his siege equipment. Thus making him unable to properly siege Rome. He could defeat Romans in open combat, but nothing more, and after 16 years, he was forced to retreat.

and in the time between the wars, Rome was busy destrying all of Carthage's allies, and forcing Carthage to pay an indemnity to Rome.

Colonel W Kurac
Colonel W Kurac Day 1,845, 20:21

V 87

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