Advice Dog????

Day 1,344, 10:46 Published in Austria Austria by LuksTheAtheist

Hi. I'd like to introduce the ADVICE DOG. The ADVICE DOG isn't a very serious paper but the ADVICE DOG TEAM (MEEEEEEE--->LuksTheAtheist) will try to make EAustria a more crazy place.

In the future articles I'm going to present you themes like:

"Would Jesus listen to Death Metal"

"Who is cooler: Ninjas or Pirates???"

"What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse???"

If I ever assault one of you by one of my articles please let me know because it's not my aim to do any harm.

I hope some of you are interested in the ADVICE DOG and like to know more about important questions like the questions above.

Thanks 4 reading. Pls vote and subscribe Thx