Admins: Please Create eVietnam!

Day 1,389, 17:14 Published in Belgium Switzerland by Monsieur Guillontine

Dearest admins,

About a year ago, you added six new countries: Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Taiwan, Cyprus, Belarus, and New Zealand. I believe it is time to create another nation who has been neglected for far too long, eVietnam.

Why create eVietnam? Look at the statistics. There are 69 countries in eRepublik... and Vietnam has one of the top 20 largest internet user populations in the world. I mean, seriously, over the past 10 years, Vietnam has experienced the fastest growth in internet penetration in the region. According to official figures, 31% of the Vietnamese population are online and every year, an additional 2-3 million Vietnamese go online.

In such a short amount of time, Vietnam has caught up with countries such as China or Thailand, where the internet has a much longer history. This just proves that Vietnam has such a great potential to bringing in people who will appreciate eRepublik.

And so, I propose that eVietnam is created is granted 8 regions, with the Red River Delta as eVietnam's capital. eVietnam will be able to prosper from her natural resources, just as she is doing so now. I believe that just like Vietnam, eVietnam will also show great leaps of growth, and therefore if we are able to create such a new nation for eRepublik, more fun will be in store for players interested!

So please admins, consider creating eVietnam!

Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine