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Day 1,625, 04:30 Published in Pakistan China by dingorider

Well from the Title you get a sense of the topic ......

As the barber was mowing my hair I began to wonder about Active epakistani players . Lets do some rough maths.. There are about 100 members in Pakistan army and about 30 others in other epakistani MU but the population is 250.

This clearly shows that about a 100 people are in active as Active players usually join MU's to get connected and get help an etc....

IF these people were active we could do quite alot of things that we cannot at the moment. We look for baby booms but First we have to stop players from leaving this game . Well some people don't have enough time but others do , they find it usually not entertaining . We don't have to be unhappy Just because our regions are gone what ever goes up MUST come down and we will be waiting patiently for this moment Training and stocking up.So have some
Unity Faith And Discipline



xSteviex Day 1,625, 05:49


vrsoldiers Day 1,625, 07:20

subd n voted 🙂

shah.ll Day 1,625, 09:46

Thats what i have been saying from a long time.....make epakistan interesting so people wont leave.

dingorider Day 1,625, 11:42

Exactly we can do all sorts of things

av khan
av khan Day 1,625, 14:10

Finally somebody noticed : ) we shout baby boom baby boom but don't have any organization and system to retain players. But thats no one's fault. I can give you the plans today to organize it all but who will execute it? Everyone just wants to be president, congressmen, cabinet member, Battle hero. Thats all. All are searching for titles glorification. There are very few people who have really worked for Pakistan since I started playing this game about a year ago [continued in next comment]

av khan
av khan Day 1,625, 14:21

and I can count them on my fingers. Policy, Ahsan Shahbaz, kualkerr, dodial, annihilator10, aovelhanegra, raao, hamis11, bozli, umer liaqat and thats about it since june 2011 when I started understanding the game. Though I started playing in may 2011. Now interestingly, half of these people haven't even sought presidency though they could have become president any time they wanted though interestingly even some of these stopped working when they thought the govt. isn't to their liking.

av khan
av khan Day 1,625, 14:24

So first somehow, though it seems impossible in my life time in this game, we must forget the damned titles, second someone must step forward except these people and thirdly those who step forward must keep working regardless of title. Once that is done then we can think of moving forward.

av khan
av khan Day 1,625, 14:25

A good topic to raise. Of course a vote and a shout but will also spread this in all the threads.

Animis Day 1,625, 14:39


bozli Day 1,625, 14:51

>We look for baby booms but First we have to stop players from leaving this game .

you have no idea how accurate this sentence is. : )

>but don't have any organization and system to retain players. But thats no one's fault.

You mean everyone's?

av khan
av khan Day 1,625, 14:55

lol yeah bozli : P

Scorpion King
Scorpion King Day 1,626, 02:46

I like bozli!

Annihilator10 Day 1,626, 03:23


Seems like everyone is aware about the main problem! ; )

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,626, 05:37

voted : )
be audacious, but not only with glorius title and medals

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,626, 09:06

sub and vited

raao Day 1,626, 10:05

Good one dingorider.. and av khan I must add 3 names u forgot to mention....
mavie75 ( though she is far from us now but a sincere mate I ever met )..
Emvas ( Many of you know him well )
av khan (a man who has ability to change manythings)

zafthfirst Day 1,626, 11:07


Cre4t1v3 Day 1,626, 23:48

everyone write about baby boom, leaving players but noone write about how to stop this.

dead man 03
dead man 03 Day 1,627, 01:18

who left the game, av khan ? bozli ? raao? zafthfirst? dodial? aovelhanegra?

Cre4t1v3 Day 1,627, 05:29

Less talk - more action. Please (to everyone).

renegadejanitor Day 1,634, 08:49

i'm new here, but i'm committed. a lot of you have been here a lot longer than me, and that's inspiring. maybe it's just me, but i think there's a connection between the hope that pakistanis have in ePakistan and Pakistan IRL. let's take our country back.

v3nG3R Day 1,646, 21:20

why dont you start by helping this friend (
) of mine who is on the verge of leaving the game , because of his slender situation ....

[5/23/2012 11:59:07 PM] Muhammad UA says: Money Rs. 111 Zero Food - 12 Gold -

help him please ... food and money !

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