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Day 1,945, 20:57 Published in Australia Australia by Nicky6Fingers

My friends, this message to the public is long overdue. I am sorry for the wait but the government arrested and questioned me about my party affiliations but after hours of questioning they released me with a warning. I have now returned back the underground industrial complex that we all call our home. And I am sitting behind my modest desk, I have written Flatty over my meager accommodations but he says I have to do some work before he will move me to a suite

There has been discussion about The Coalition, and I am here to clear the air on the ACP's official stance regarding it. The Coalition is a powerful force when it is honed and sharpened to a point; I don't believe there is anybody here that would say otherwise. But it is important that we don't take it to the point that we lose our party individuality. Otherwise we would all just join the same party which would fix all of these problems.and how boring would that be? that is not what it was intended for and it is our objective to make sure that is not what it becomes.

Next thing on the list is finding people who wish to help me with articles for the Australian Communist Party, these would consist of recruitment articles,general announcement articles as well as anything else that is required. The only requirement that I request you you show that you have a interest in the position, and that you are part of the ACP. So if you are interested please message me and we will talk over the details. Be part of the change you you want to see in eAustralia

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Chris Carnage can control the weather with his mood, because he is simply that awesome.

Chairman of the Propoganda Beuarau,


AugustusX Day 1,946, 03:49

Viva La Revolution! Great article and welcome back Nicky!

The.Dude Day 1,946, 05:32

You now have 1 sub.

I felt bad that you had 10 votes but no subs. I would tell your commie friends to either sub your paper or back to the bread lines with them.

Nicky6Fingers Day 1,946, 07:14

i had 27 😕 thanks haha

Anna Adams
Anna Adams Day 1,946, 05:53

2 subs. Cause that's how I roll.

LanyIsLost Day 1,946, 07:32

Comment deleted

Nicky6Fingers Day 1,946, 07:43

Comment deleted

Nicky6Fingers Day 1,946, 07:44

Comment deleted

LanyIsLost Day 1,946, 07:50

Comment deleted

venja Day 1,946, 09:31

Its just not the same without comrade Carnage at the helm

roboz Day 1,947, 02:10

Welcome back comrade o7

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