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Accept or Reject Donations

Day 1,933, 02:23 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Piran

Plato's Change for today is
Accept/Reject donations

Starting today, you can Accept or Reject a donation. This two new buttons will appear only for the Gold and Currency donations.

How this new feature works:

1. When a citizen will receive a Gold or Currency donations and he clicks Accept, the donation will be added to his account. If he clicks Reject, the donation will be sent back.

2. A donation will stay in pending for 3 days (72 hours), after that it will expire and the donation will be returned to his initial owner.

3. If one of the citizens involved in the transaction, gets suspended before the donation is accepted, the sender will receive back the donation.

4. From now on, if a citizen reaches his maximum limit of 10 Gold per day, he will still be able to receive donations but he cannot accept them until the next day.

5. If a citizen receives a donation of 7 Gold and he accepts it, and in the same day he receives another donation of 10 gold that he also wants to accept, a pop up will appear to inform him that he received only 3 gold and the rest have been returned to the sender.

Also, from now on, you will be able to know what quality of food/weapon someone donated to you.

Example: Plato has transferred 1 Q7 Weapons to your storage.



Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,933, 02:29

and guess what the button don't work for me have already mailed admin!

alexg737 Day 1,933, 15:46

Works on my iPad not iPhone though.

Jimbobfrey Day 1,933, 02:34

That could be good for the NHS. It would save on how much food is given away every day.

Piran Day 1,933, 02:39

It would save me a little too, when i donate to workers who then never work again.
It's a good change imo.

mufekk Day 1,933, 02:53

thanks for the info; usefull!
best regards to everybody from esLOVEnia, mufekk the Trolleybus driver

Piran Day 1,933, 02:55

Your welcome mufekk, pass it on 🙂

mufekk Day 1,933, 02:58

i already did. have a look at my newspaper; have published the link to your article !

mufekk Day 1,933, 03:02

good luck as a new reporter!
in case you publish article in the future that could be interesting for everybody playing erep, wou are welcome to publish your link in
my newspaper once a day! all the best! : )

mufekk Day 1,933, 02:54

v10,sub 25!

Piran Day 1,933, 03:04

Thanks mufekk o7

Pepowsky Day 1,933, 04:28

Piran is the name of a lovely little town on the Adriatic coast : )

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,933, 04:29

You can't reject/accept food or weapons, but it does now say what quality they were.

Piran Day 1,933, 04:31

@Pepowsky someone else on here also told me that and sent some pictures, it looks good. Will have to go there sometime 🙂

Niko Jones
Niko Jones Day 1,933, 09:13

Nice update..V&S 29

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,933, 10:36

thanks for keeping us informed

surferdude Day 1,933, 22:27

Likes: Seeing the Q of the item
Dislikes: No one will ever deny a donation

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 1,934, 00:03

except for inactive players.

john2595 Day 1,934, 23:06

Thanks o/

NorthAfricaCorps Day 1,934, 01:02

you are a copy&paste genius

Piran Day 1,934, 01:21

Thank you, your too kind.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,934, 01:33

This is probably done so the recipient of cheat money now has responsibility for what his account receives.

I'm sure admins have heard this a thousand times:
"I don't know why all those multies are sending me money. Someone is trying to frame me!"
That's not gonna fly anymore.

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