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Abuzar is Back ...... NPP is Back

Day 2,035, 10:44 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Abuzar Aslam5

After my final exams I am back in this game and my party National Patriots Party is also back in action!!!!!!
Now Insha Allah you see positive politics…me and my friends planing for better pakistan and we publish our plans in one or two days and we try to provide full information of our plans !!!!

We are alsoo going to start our supplies to our party members .As well as to every member who join thunder JF-17 fight on daily bases.

And I request all of you to join National Patriots Party (NPP) OR 'PTI' and help us in making good Pakistan.

I must say some of the step by our cp is good but on some issues I have some reservations..
I request her that she must take onboard every active citizens on every internal and external issues…

As I promised I back in this game but to whome I promised he run away 😛

Its strange that our HOC leave Pakistan… What the hell is this if you are not capable to full fil your resposibilities then why you take reposibilities like this…
And i think According to the age of our former HOC he must be mature but he didnt show any maturity and run away by giving silly arguments....
Insha Allah we make Pakistan enough strong that peoples from whole word come pakistan and help us to make a strong country!!!!

Pride Power Pakistan
Pakistan Zindabad



Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 2,035, 10:51

Welcome Back & Best of luck

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,035, 10:53

thnx 🙂

Khawaja ail
Khawaja ail Day 2,035, 11:14

Welcome Back voted

ComKar Day 2,035, 11:31

Welcome back

Mehmood25 Day 2,035, 11:31


Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,035, 11:33


SAUD98 Day 2,035, 12:01

happy freedom 4m examss !

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,035, 12:05

thnx 🙂

Sparkfyre Day 2,035, 12:16

Welcome back 😁

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,035, 12:20

thnx 😃

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,035, 12:31

Feel free and coment what ever you want to..
Dont hasitate and del any coment 😛

Sparkfyre Day 2,035, 12:35

lool actually, i clicked Post a comment it was just the same comment posted twice xD

Sparkfyre Day 2,035, 12:16

Comment deleted

sso89 Day 2,035, 12:22

Hala Abuzar...!!!

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,035, 15:33

Welcome Back :>

uncertain Day 2,036, 04:58

hmm welcm back. lets c 🙂

pakistan2 Day 2,036, 05:41

Welcome Back :>

Black Vulture
Black Vulture Day 2,036, 07:52

welcome back

Black Vulture
Black Vulture Day 2,036, 07:56

i need 5 gold

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 2,036, 10:13

Any thing special 😛

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