A war and alliance that nobody couldn't anticipate!

Day 752, 23:53 Published in Croatia Croatia by conrexx
A new war has emerged, PhoEden against Administrators.
Yesterday we were witnesses to a birth of new unofficial alliance between two forces which were fighting against each other since I'm playing this game.
Administrators made us united in more divine goal than just occupying each other territories.
We are now fighting for the future of our beloved game.
But no, why are we whining for, it is for the benefit of all new players, they say. Yeah right, and I'm saying, pull out your eyeballs and you will see Vienna (this is a saying in my homeland, when you are sceptic to someone).
They can say what they want, but we all know what is really behind this decision.

I only hope that this new war will end as soon as possible!
But it is crucial who will take the victory.
There is a whole game in stake here, not only hospitals and defence systems like in other battles.
To be honest, this new feature can only benefit me, but there is no satisfaction in playing this game if there is no equality.
I read before in some comment, that we didn't raised our voice when players where tanking themselves.
Why should we, only thing they can achieve is becoming an FM sooner, but we shall all be FM someday.
But if someone started playing this game a year before me he should be rewarded with greater skill and strength than me. That should be a reward for devotion in playing this game.
Instead of improving game concept, Administrators brought this game to the edge of destruction.
Administrators, please press retreat button and end this war, or you will see more and more players leaving this game.
And you will have 100 players that can do 1000 damage with a fart, but only those 100 players will remain playing this game.