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A True American Revival: Spanish Resistance

Day 2,172, 09:32 Published in USA Belgium by Emperor Zorokian

Good Morning my fellow Americans,

It has been a while since I have last posted, and it seems that America is finally on the rebound. A week ago, we had one state, Missouri I believe, and that was all. Now, almost half of America is good ol' blue and we're whipping those pols back to Europe. Now, there's still a long way to go, but I call that progress.

The Roar of victory

We are charging towards prosperity once more, and soon we will be glorious and triumphant in all we do! The treaty holds only temporarily while America fuels its engines of war and its spirit of Americanist Power. Soon I urge all of you to prepare, for it will soon be time to seal the deal and drive out these invaders once and for all. I propose we will finally start a RW in Georgia and Florida, thus completely making our great Nation, Libre de estos Spaniards! It's time we drive them out, to focus on Pollocks once and for all. Be strategic in using your batzookas and make sure we win every battle in your respective divisions. Together we will win!

For Liberty, and America!

Your Almighty Emperor



Subash Cholan
Subash Cholan Day 2,172, 09:35

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,172, 09:37

I'm p sure this would be a violation of the peace treaty we signed with Poland & Spain.

Emperor Zorokian
Emperor Zorokian Day 2,172, 09:38

Yes, I edited my article to reflect that 😃

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,172, 09:40

If only I could now edit my comment. 😛

Johnvacan160 Day 2,174, 07:33

eUSA Added to TWO yea that's what i am guessing their going for.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Day 2,174, 09:31

If you use this time to gather weapons for a war with TWO, you will lose those weapons and a chance to exist on the world map.
Do the math.

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