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A Time to Think

Day 1,886, 20:26 Published in India India by India101
Citizens of our great enation, it is time for us to reflect upon what has gone down in this new year. We are only 18 days into a new year, and we can already see the substantial change that has occurred in our beloved enation.

Live by the sword; Perish By the sword

It seemed that as eCroatian aggressors further pushed our beloved regions, our enation as a whole has been wiped. Thankfully our President Xordin Sir has negotiated ceasefire, which can prove very beneficial to our enation. So in that regards it seems that we are on the right path. But as the battles have already passed, I would like to thank every single person that contributed any type of damage/support on behalf of eIndia.

Now on the other end of the spectrum we have some (no names mentioned) who have fled our nation in a time of distress. Let me tell you this, where is your loyalty? What is it that caused you to run when stuff got bad? As an eIndian citizen, I would like to say that I am very angered to see certain people show their true colors. But as an eIndian Politician, and a man of Foreign Affairs I would like to say thank you for showing your true colors. Your actions have helped politicians, citizens, and others to experience the diversity of the New World. From your actions we shall learn, and prevent.

No Matter what the circumstance; No matter what is occurring; I always urge all to stay in eIndia!

Thank you for all that helped o> and Thank you for all that showed your true colors 🙂

Always remember:


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,886, 20:31

Treian Day 1,887, 07:20

Ummmm.... if you're not aware of all the recent happenings and the reasons why certain people left eIndia, perhaps you're focusing too much on foreign affairs and to little on eIndian affairs.....

No one "fled" because times were getting tough, people left because of the way they were being treated. There is a difference.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,887, 12:35

they did not "flee" - they either deleted their fake profiles, or just allowed the same to "die" - as their mission was accomplished - manipulation of and tricking India into leaving EDEN and turning the sword on Croatia.

I am STILL surprissed how little or no people in India fail to observe this rather simple truth.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,887, 16:05

yeah Lord Marlock, Croatia didnt NE india. They didnt made deal with thailand to sell Indian regions and they never called us into channel to racially abuse. All are eIndians fault. You are right, we have no rights to deny our lands to you, we have no rights to get miffed at Croatia for not returning the regions, we have no rights to ask for discussion rather than one-liner information

India is Croatia. Hail Croatian brotherhood. eIndians are traitors. I beg for your mercy. I kiss your a$$ and accept croats as my master and me their slave.

Now r u guys happy.

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