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A Suggestion for Babyboom

Day 1,844, 21:51 Published in India Finland by Akshit Thakur

I am happy to know about the efforts of current CP to have a babyboom. I guees for mentorship, we should distribute the work of retention, everyone should participate. Like political parties should contact their newest members(newbies) and tell them about how to survive and love this game 😃 and same in the MUs,some new reg. should be created for newbies,whose captain is responsible for the new soldiers,along with some experts. Alector said that we should focus on retention. Maybe this is how we can retain citizens,whether five or fifty 😃
Leaders can decide whether to give the captains salary or not! 🙂

Always in service of India,


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,844, 22:16

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,844, 22:35

I think you should make an eRepublik translation into your language to help newbies play this game easier so babyboom can be more effective. I've got 20 G monthly because of this.

Then you should make an IRC room only for teach the newbies like #mentornubi in Indonesia. You can make an comparising studies to ours about how to make a successful babyboom

For publication in RL, besides FB you should make another promotion in some big internet forums. We can make a big babyboom because of this

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,844, 22:36

That's my advice..


Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,844, 22:43

thank you......

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,844, 22:52

and for promotion at big forums, I think you should recruit some comrades and "spamming" babyboom thread at the forum together with your comrades, so the people think this game is so "massive" and many people join us.

So does at FB and twitter with spamming post at some big and active FB groups, together again with your comrades besides FB ads. Make many blog post about this game, and if possible make this game published in RL newspaper or electronic media like TV.

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,844, 22:57

You can make another creative babyboom effort like youtube videos, pamflets, posters, and one important thing is, all this babyboom efforts are must be run together with the ads, so if the ads published, so does the spam thread, FB post, tweets, videos, posters, and the translating the erepublik itself.

You can be a big eCountries ;>

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,845, 23:39

@Akshit I would suggest you read about the retention program run by the govt. It already has everything you have mentioned!

1. English is the first and main official language of India. Besides it there are 22 other official language.
2. We have already been doing promotions on FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc. We are having a real meet being organized on 22nd Dec at several cities in India.

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,845, 23:44

Bond is totally right and Uv Ajed we aren't doing all that!

Bond would u like to help us with it?

d 23
d 23 Day 1,845, 23:48

SUB for SUB...
sub. 906
vote 8

Media Mogul Medal Project 5

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,845, 04:58

@Uv Ajed FB, twitter, or another social network promotions is common in all countries, but the fact is there is no significant population growth now. The main key to have a succesful babyboom is the massiveness of the promotion. We already do babyboom many times some years ago and now we have 500-2000 active player. Chile is do more than that and now they grow from the little country that have little contribution in foreign affair to be a country that we all already know.

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,845, 05:07

I have spread my refferal in my gaming fb account and I've got 1 Indian (sadly, he left the game), so the Indian gamers are potential to get invited to this game. Maybe beside FB or another social network, you must spam the internet forums, especially the top 5 forum or all game forums. And all this effort is must do massively.

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Day 1,845, 05:14

Maybe you must to translate this game into Indian. Recruit some friends (many friends) and translate this game together. My team got 20 G for EACH MEMBER from admin after we translate erep into Indonesian, and 20 G monthly for each team for the updates.

@Wild Quark: Maybe we can have some chat in IRC ;>

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,845, 07:00

sure come to #india or add me on skype. My addy is icefilly. There are many erep members on skype too. Will add you to the group

kapahii Day 1,846, 01:39


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