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A stone in your shoe: To eUSA

Day 1,905, 21:56 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) China by Bubble Dragon

Two months ago, you proposed NE and took our original lands. One month ago, in order to join CoT, your ex-CP announced the plan to erase us and to free eJ and eSK. You would had thought that this would be a piece of cake, right? How do you feel now?

Yes, eROC is a small country. We have no chance to win against you in the long run. However, we are not going to lie down easily. We are brave enough and smart enough to win some key campaigns (we won all last three NE's). We have been contacting you for negotiation, but have been completely ignored. Well, you can keep ignoring us, only to find that we would give you some headache now and then.

I would expect that you are smart enough to sit down for some talks, aren't you?



shayumin Day 1,905, 22:21

v 沙發

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Day 1,905, 22:34

[NE Mode] 你跟不是人的東西說啥人類的言語 [/NE Mode]


Jewelz Cheng
Jewelz Cheng Day 1,905, 22:38

we all love peace, but not peace at any price

bbg22 Day 1,906, 23:16

v 以對方自大的個性..

Linzx Day 1,906, 00:27


Also Ou
Also Ou Day 1,906, 00:34


Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 1,906, 00:45

Well like eRoC really wanted peace with eJp and eSK

PretenderHT Day 1,906, 00:59

This reminds me of the portuguese combative soul, voted!

HC Lu Day 1,906, 01:10

Hail eROC! We will stand until the end of headless chicken!

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,906, 02:48

In my opinion, eUS came to eRoC is for fun. By fighting ferociously, you guys are actually giving them the competition they wanted. So, I suppose this war will go on for a while.

So, dont forget to keep applying for some new credit cards.

roylio Day 1,906, 05:35

V 他們講話真是超嗆的=.=凸

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,906, 07:40

Operation failnam style! hohohohoho

Shiki.N Day 1,906, 07:49

@that 1

so? when will you quit?

hankofficer Day 1,906, 07:53


If eUSA cannot beat us, how do they fight a real enemy like eChina or eSerbia? Bitch please.

Ka Me Ra
Ka Me Ra Day 1,906, 08:14


Sadanaga Day 1,906, 08:37

@that 1 you forget to mention the fact that the battle mostly happened within our time of high activity during the day, and while there were obvious tankers on our side, every nation has some of these guys. So quit nagging on about credit card buyers. Besides, gold buying is (unfortunately) part of this game, so if you want to play it, its your choice to either deal with it or don't play.

Anominan Day 1,906, 11:48


the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,906, 12:42

eUS have a 25% increase in damage on the day of the battle, eRoC has a 200% increase in damage.

Yes, a lot of players buy gold from both sides, and sure a lot of damage from eUS went somewhere else or even against them.

But it is clear one side depend a lot more on it than the other.

Sadanaga Day 1,906, 20:11

What day or average of days are you comparing yesterdays damage to?? did you look at the context in which you received your numbers to compare the two? As the average of days could have possibly have been oh, i dont know, from a time of relative peace a thus no need for tanking in Taiwan, while eUSA is constantly in direct confrontations and battles, thus leading to the rather insignificant increase of damage percentage wise. What I think you are seeing here is the mobilization of the Taiwanese war machine in response to the invasion known as Operation Failnam Style, and the relatively small increase in damage percentage wise on the side of the USA is due in fact as they are constantly in a state of war, and thus their war machine does not go through the variations of other countries in the mobilization of war, such as Taiwan. While I do agree we have a fair amount of gold buyers, we do not have a higher proportion than the average nation as you suggest. So in essence, you would need to divulge what you consider the "average" amount of damage we Taiwanese due and how you reached the conclusion of 200%, otherwise your perspective is baseless.

Bubble Dragon
Bubble Dragon Day 1,907, 06:16

Just to speak of myself. I only do damages from ff daily, and earn a energy bar from solving daily order. In last battle, I used 50 energy bars, and spent 2.5 gold to buy damage booster. 35m damages are done. It is more than 400% of my usual damage. I still have more than 300 energy bars, and I can do this at least 6 times more. credit card? Yes, I did buy golds from my credit card, but it is more than 1 years ago.

Benny ROC
Benny ROC Day 1,907, 06:50


ericnien Day 1,907, 09:22


Xenocryst Day 1,907, 09:24

V Why do we feed the troll? Alas, it's for fun as well.

All I know is a nation that should have wiped us month back could not accomplish its goal, and sent someone here to cry about an already established game machinism.

You mad, bro?

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,907, 10:40

i for one like this war it made game fun and it gave us more troling material,

its onli shame that we cant have some productive relation with japan and korea

kicking america is more funn then kicking serbia !!

Zoaring Day 1,907, 16:53

V 有沒有翻譯版本的 T_T

GGININ Day 1,907, 17:21


that's great

don't give a fuck

dawenxi Day 1,907, 18:37


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