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A serious government for a strong Canada!

Day 1,992, 04:34 Published in Canada Canada by Dozzer_x

Salutations and greetings.

I have been chosen by the honourable members of the Canadian Progressive Front as the CPF’s presidential nominee for May 2013. In this capacity, it is my duty and my obligation to present to the nation and people of Canada my government platform, which has been written under the slogan ”A serious government for a strong Canada!”.

As with my previous governmental experience, you may know that I have been serving since February 2013 in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, thus I may have a little bias towards focusing on foreign affairs instead of defence or internal affairs.

At the same time, I send my best wishes to my counter-candidates, and it is my hope that this electioneering and the election itself will be fair played.

As I have already stated, it is in my intention to have a Cabinet made up of representatives from all parties, to ensure a national unity at all levels in these hard times for Canada.

President :: Dozzer_x
Prime Minister (Vice President) :: Homer J Simpson

Minister of Foreign Affairs :: Shoi12 & Uncle Buck
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs :: Oinyo & Gh0st3rr

Minister of Defence :: I-Bleed-Blue-93 & klop123
Deputy Minister of Defence :: Exalted Druid & Quimbie Muffins

Minister of Education and Information :: Auk Rest & Punisher 1389
Minister of Finances :: Bryan Alexander

Presidential Advisor :: Plugson

As the whole world system of alliances is undergoing a dramatic change, especially because of the dissolution of EDEN and the re-alignment of its former members either with TWO or CoT.

If we care to look at the current enemies of Asgard, we don’t see many, but most are of great relevance: Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and, indirectly, Poland. A majority of these countries are members of TWO or aligned with the latter. The only enemy directly aligned with CoT, as member of it, is Lithuania. But Lithuania has lost any link with our Scandiavian allies, and thus any war between Lithuania and Asgard is technically impossible. Therefore, we can claim that there is now peace between Asgard and Lithuania. The only enemy left is Germany, which is aligned with CoT but has a peace treaty with Poland. The situation with Germany is quite difficult, but thankfully it may be solved in the next month. The only reason for which Germany is our enemy is their imperialistic wish to get the oil of Norway. There is also another possibility that Poland may request more regions from Germany, following the bad experience they had this week by keeping Saxony as the only link between metropolitan Poland and their colonies in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

On the international stage, a war between CoT and TWO is getting shape: some hints already exist from the war between Bulgaria and Romania: the former has kept her CoT allies, while TWO has switched allegiance to Romania, making the war an indirect one between CoT and TWO. At the same time, CoT has decided to end any MPP with Serbia and other TWO countries that fight on Romania’s side, against CoT, in Bulgaria.

From these two events that are happening right when you read this article, we can only draw one conclusion: Canada and Asgard have lost the alliance they shared a common interest with, specifically EDEN. It is therefore most appropriate to find new countries and alliances with which Asgard can share a common interest with. And I guess everybody knows what I am thinking of: it is not the moment of Canada and Asgard to align with another whole alliance, but I think it would be better for us to align with specific alliances. Of course, my only clear policy is to not align with any member of TWO, as I consider TWO the biggest enemy and threat to Asgard and Canada. We need to try new things. Have you ever tried pickles? I’m sure they’re very tasty! But what about some accessories? Do you fancy some trousers? I surely do!

It’s already been three months since Spain started a war of aggression against Canada. Three whole months in which our country was wiped, and then we, with the help of our dear allies, have managed to get liberated. But Spain always continued to invade us and keep us under occupation. I say that three months are enough, and there are a lot others who agree with me.

This month, the international situation will be of great benefit in our struggle against the Spanish imperialists. Not only this, but at a glance of the Spanish press, one could easily observe a lot of Spanish citizens getting tired of this war that some may deem endless. But it surely isn’t. And since the summer is coming, a full liberated Canada may also appear.

There are some in Canada that would prefer us to negotiate with them. I prefered negotiation some weeks ago as well. But as the situation completely changed, nobody has time to negotiate with these arrogant conquistadors. It’s time to show them that Canada never surrenders, and that, ultimately, the victory is ours. And we have got the perfect timing to do this.

In the first half of May, our main goal is to get Canada liberated, and thus there will not be any focus at all on internal affairs. But I am confident that we will, at least partly, get liberated and have regions on our own. The time will come, then, for us to focus on internal affairs as well.

I and my team, if elected, will focus on several things that are crucial for the internal activity of our country: MU funding, social programs for Canadians and the need to keep new players commited to the game.

In the last months, I have been either a Congressman or part of the Canadian executive. In all of my capacities, I have observed a big problem with MU funding: it is not done on a regular basis, and the sums given by the MU funding are not standardised. It is true that our country does not get a lot of money out of taxes, but I one of the reasons for this is also the fact that we are wiped. Regardless of our status though, I think it is of uttermost importance that we finally standardise and give on a regular basis the MU funding, not whenever the executive or the Congress feel like it. We have a lot of models we can inspire ourselves from, and see what works best for Canada.

In regards to the social program, I cannot stress how much they are needed. Programs like the Canadian Ministry of Health have not been on in ages, and I think this is the right time for us to revive them. And if we cannot find private initiatives for this, we can always make up a system which gets its funding both from the government and the citizens’ donations. By the end of May, we have to put a program like the Ministry of Health back in place and done on a regular basis.

The hardest work is keeping new players in this game. They may be both confused about what should they do or how they can continue developing. At the end of the day, only a small part of these new players end up as active and commited citizens of Canada. This is where the Ministry of Education has and should have an active role, in cooperation with the President and its Message for the New Citizens. Tutorials and material help from the Ministry of Education, combined with projects such as Boomers’ Academy will keep our new players active and commited to Canada.

It is also my personal belief that the current system of taxes is not suitable to the needs of Canada anymore and should be amended, but this would create a huge debate that we do not need in this moment. A tax change should definitely be considered though when Canada will be back on her stability, back on the map fully and have a functional Congress.

At the end of the day, it is in my hope that for the month of May you will grant confidence to me and to my team into leading Canada. You will never be disappointed, and during the course of the whole term I and my team will only treat you and Canada with professionalism and seriousness!

Presidential nominee of the Canadian Progressive Front
Leader of the Canadian Progressive Front
Incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada



Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,992, 04:40

If you want to make us your enemy, we are ok with that! :evil:

Keep up the rhetoric, see how much goodwill that gets you : P

Dozzer_x Day 1,992, 04:47

We shall see, and we shall also see who laughs in the end.


Grapho Day 1,992, 04:41

Good luck!

Mlendea Horatiu
Mlendea Horatiu Day 1,992, 04:46


Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,992, 05:21

Best of luck Dozzer.

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,992, 05:30

Good luck!

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,992, 05:51

good luck buddy o7

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,992, 06:08

Good luck! o7

Deltapig Day 1,992, 07:07

Good luck! o7

MrBogdan Day 1,992, 07:16


Churchill93 Day 1,992, 07:48


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,992, 08:20


klop123 Day 1,992, 08:34


Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,992, 08:56


RoaiTG Day 1,992, 09:16

voted, good luck

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,992, 09:40

Solid cabinet line up.

Re: Finances -
I think it's an unpredictable situation that may not be helped. Under Rylde's term with Chochi's budget for regular MU funding (before the Spanish war), Chochi's figures were based on the previous months' income and cashflows. At the moment of introduction and the first (two?) drops, revenues were perfectly fine, and then revenues crashed. Iirc, around this time, the war has started, but I don't believe it was at the point were most people are drained dry of resources from an extended war yet. Anyway, finances are tricky, any insight would be awesome.

Dozzer_x Day 1,992, 10:34

I think we can give it a try. But of course, we need competent people that know finances very well.

Chochi Day 1,993, 04:58

I got my numbers from this GDoc:

I think it might be ElPatoDiablo's but I'm not sure, nor do I know how he pulls the numbers but it's every day at the same time so I guess he's got some sort of program to do it. There area few blips but otherwise the numbers are consistent or at least consistently trending so I think they can be trusted.

I then plug the numbers from there into my own GDoc which has some statistical tools to more accurately show trends and averages. I might add a chart to give a visual representation of our finances.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,992, 10:31

nicely constructed article, good luck

Zappie Day 1,992, 12:46

Good platform and article!

I'm wondering if you would continue building on our relationship with the US as well?

Dozzer_x Day 1,992, 17:55

If you read the article more carefully, you'll find out : )

So much for a small cabinet....

MaxMaher Day 1,992, 15:55

Impressing. Best of luck!

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,992, 17:26

Good luck Dozzer

Isaac Rose
Isaac Rose Day 1,993, 06:45


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