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A Return from Apathy: The Toga Returns

Day 2,128, 07:06 Published in USA USA by saraht0ga

People of eRep! Lend me your ears!

Uh, guys, I didn't mean literally

It has been entirely too long since I wrote an article. Honestly, it has been entirely too long since I made an active effort in this game. After professing my undying love for Paul Proteus and succeeding in wooing him into being my ehusband, I became somewhat detached from my fellow citizens. When Derphoof, with the help of our wonderful ATO teams, became Party President of the current New Lunar Republic, I joined him as his Vice-President and became lackadaisical in my eRepublik duties.

I am here today to tell you that my days of inactivity are no more.

saraht0ga's back, and she means business

Last night marked a return to radio for me as I joined a lonely eliwood_sain on Fed Radio. While eRep wasn't our main topic for a portion of the show (a mutual love for a certain life simulation game with a ridiculous amount of expansions preoccupied our discussion), we had a moment on the show where the fun of the game, the connecting of people with similar interests introduced through what I'm sure we can all agree is a mostly silly browser game, was shattered.

Our good friend, Mr. Ronald Gipper Reagan, took things too far, as he usually does. It's true that it was confusion which gave him his opportunity to spew his usual venom on air, but it was the last straw for me.

eRepublik is a game, a theme which I tend to mention in most of my articles. It's something we all spend our free time on because we enjoy it in some capacity. We create "families", friendships, and in some cases, romantic relationships. We create political affiliations, engage in wartime negotiations, and fight for our citizenship country of choice. We spend time creating media for non-existent ideologies, and use our right to vote to defend ourselves and our friends.

Why do we have to do this? Why is it necessary that a game, something that should be enjoyable, has an enemy so repugnant that we are required to set aside the true fun of political debate and free will voting and merely utilize our resources to defend against this opposition?

Kinda like this but less sexy

Last night, not for the first time, Mr. Reagan chose to divulge personal information about a player on air.

If we were to do the same to him, he would cry injustice. If we were to do so on the actual eRepublik website, we would be reported and the article, shout, or comment would be removed.

This is a game, and we shouldn't feel unsafe while playing.

It's for this reason, this ruining of what could be merely a competitive, friendly environment, with normal political rivalries in which playing dirty wasn't a requirement, without the creation of multiple accounts or threats to one's safety or character, that I've decided I need to become active again.

Because I won't be happy until I see the downfall of Ronald Gipper Reagan.

Nice try Mr. Reagan, but you're going down

- saraht0ga



Sozo Day 2,128, 07:09


John Killah
John Killah Day 2,128, 07:09

Voted for Ajay better be scared >😃

arith seneviratne
arith seneviratne Day 2,128, 07:11

first for the victory of the ATO effords and also nice to see you back Sara so welcome back 😃 lets defuse this threat once and for all 😃

arith seneviratne
arith seneviratne Day 2,128, 07:12

lol i am not the first then 🙁

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,128, 07:18


Evil.Elvis Day 2,128, 07:22

voted, for men, in tights.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,128, 07:29

Kick him in the nuts. Square in the nuts.

HeapSeppo Day 2,128, 07:33

Saraht0ga, the best companion of the doctor. \o/

Test Pilot
Test Pilot Day 2,128, 09:24

😕 voted, I guess :?

Thee Koncerned Citizen
Thee Koncerned Citizen Day 2,128, 10:35

I agree 100,000%!!! This is a game. Games are to be enjoyed. Those whose lives consist of only dwelling in their mother's basement and obsess relentlessly over a game need to get a life of their own and leave those of us here for fun alone!

Thee Koncerned Citizen
Thee Koncerned Citizen Day 2,128, 10:37

Oh by the way... sub 82 vote 13

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,128, 11:33


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,129, 23:52

Be My Friend, Ajay!

John Killah
John Killah Day 2,128, 11:38

And for pissing RGR off, Friended 😃

Thee Koncerned Citizen
Thee Koncerned Citizen Day 2,128, 11:41

I guess here's where I drink myself into a major stupor of bawling drunks or something... All I can say is, If the shoe fits it must have damn well hurt

jmurrib21 Day 2,128, 10:38


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,128, 11:33


saraht0ga Day 2,128, 11:35

If you view it from a utilitarian perspective, I'm the moral one here. Taking over your party will create more happiness than you taking over the country. 🙂

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,128, 11:46

A lot of people were happy after an election 80 years ago in the fatherland too.

John Killah
John Killah Day 2,128, 11:38

Irony isn't your strong suit is it ...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,128, 11:46

Now now John. I am going to FL for a week and a half soon, I don't need this 😉

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,128, 13:41

Stay the f*** out of my state!!!!

John Killah
John Killah Day 2,128, 19:25

Oh good, lemme know where and when so I can deliver unto you the beating you require/deserve on behalf of eRep ...

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,129, 13:19

I will fly down to watch....

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,128, 13:39

Thanks for making us so much less sexy Ajay, ya butthurt robot -.-

saraht0ga Day 2,128, 20:00

No it's okay, we're still Thor and therefore sexy. He just isn't even close to fitting the sexiness of Loki (where's Seppo to make a witty comment)

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 06:02

Sexy Norse God Seppo, son of Loki reports for duty.

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 2,128, 15:52

This is one of the reasons why I do not support the AFA or RGR, however, I am also someone who believes that if you do not want your personal information exposed, you should not put it on the internet to begin with. In this specific case though? I'd more blame the person hosting for allowing RGR to open his mouth about others in a public manner. That show should have ceased immediately and no one should have heard a thing. That's the responsibility of the show host. If RGR was told not to and did so anyway, it's still the show hosts problem for bringing him on the air. That being said, I do not condone what RGR did, but I think you should focus on taking away his tools, not a party he can just remake over and over again until you're bored.

saraht0ga Day 2,128, 16:08

To be completely honest, and I apologize to Eli if this comes off insensitive or something, but Eli was hosting and allowed him on thinking he was someone else. When RGR started spouting off what he did, I started speaking loudly and quickly trying to drown him out. I'm not sure how successful I was. Eli did take responsibility afterwards by saying he would edit out the bit of the show where RGR said what he did.

It's something that has happened before and that I think some have become less vigilant about, but it is a big issue in my opinion (bigger than some people treated it). I expect my phone number to only go to the people I give it to, not for some jerk to pass it around, and as such I treat invasions of privacy just as seriously as if it were me as the victim.

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 2,130, 14:39

I'd totally call you just to say Allons-y! lol, but really, I agree. Stuff like that should not just be handed around carelessly. The problem however is doing something about it, given the nature of the internet as it stands. Hence why his tools need to be taken away if possible.

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,128, 19:58

Haha voted 😃

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,129, 01:55

Roman my arse. You disgrace the name of the Empire I am re-creating in real life.

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,129, 04:37

Yea idc care about ur "empire" I care about the welfare of the people first... Which is gonna be abused under u

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,129, 11:41

I am a modern Marcus Aurelius.

HeapSeppo Day 2,129, 12:19

The fact that you name yourself "a modern Marcus Aurelius" shows that you're really not.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 00:24

stop letting him on the air ffs. It's not rocket science. Exclude him.

saraht0ga Day 2,129, 01:11

Agreed. If I were the one running the board, not a guest, I would've done so.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 2,129, 03:50

Yeah, this is something that we should be learning by now, it's not so hard to check. And if Ajay is imitating me (and apparently this has happened, on eNPR I've been told) or anyone, check the irc name, if it's not registered there's your first clue. If he sounds like an insane person there's your second -.-

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 2,129, 14:23

Lol...she said he's "going down"

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,129, 23:52

An active saraht0ga is a good saraht0ga ...

MuleBore Day 2,130, 03:36

Comment deleted

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