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A request from Foxland

Day 1,980, 10:29 Published in USA France by AlexMCS182

Hi people,

This article is addressed to the eRepublik team, but I would like to make it public not only for you to be aware of my request but also to ask for your hand. Read the following message I am writing to the eRepublik team:

" Dear eRepublik team,

We, the Foxland Community, are coming to you today with an unusal request and yet approved by the eWorld.
In fact, I am contacting you via this article to ask for you to recognize Foxland as a community which is part of the game you're running "eRepublik" and add its location on the map as well which would be around the Antartic.

Why should you recognize Foxland as a real entity ? It's simple, Foxland is actualy counting several people coming from all around the world I've been gathering on my own for over than a year and a half. People that are actualy some of the best you have in this game. Today, I count around 100 people being part of that Family which became a real community that runs itself on its own. Though, Foxland is recognize all over the eWorld by thousands of people.

Foxland is working in this game to keep new players. Indeed, kushtrimzz and THE PUNISHER are working on keeping new players and reporting multies, and we, Foxland, as a community, help them the more we can. We count several very known people in and also eRepublik Ambassadors like Kush and AlexMCS182.

Foxland is doing good to eRepublik, we spread joy, love, and a sweet atmosphere around that people enjoy. We do our best to make this game a better place in addition to what we do internaly already...

Why adding Foxland on the map ? It's simple too, Foxland is now a huge community that can run anything which is in its hands. We are known to offer a quiet, fun and very interesting place where to remain and eLive. Owning our own land would be an occasion for us to offer the people a new start, a new beggining somewhere where noone has been before. Offering the chance to them to be Foxes and spread joy all around.

I hope you will really consider my request, it is a very serious one, especialy about the first matter.
Will follow to this message, in the comment section, proofs that Foxland is recognized all over the eWorld, we decided to address ourselves via this article so the comment section will be used as signatures for the petition we would like to present you.

Cordialy and with our most sincere salutations,

The Foxland Community. "

A little help for the admins, I already made our Society page :

MPP in voting process :

People, friends, unknown Foxes, Foxes, Lions, Dogs, Cats, Vegetables, Weird Things, no matter what you are, I would like to ask for your help and kindly help us on getting as much signatures as we can to prove the eRepublik team we deserve what we're asking for.

The Foxland Comunity is grateful and thank you in advance for your help !

Have fun and take care people,

Fox of War***...

PS: I saddly realized some are really taking this article way too seriously, so I warn, it has been made for fun but covered with seriouness !


akcadag45 Day 1,980, 10:34


kushtrimzz Day 1,980, 10:38


tiodio Day 1,980, 10:40

Plato Add FOXLAND!!

melini Day 1,980, 10:40


nice suggestion !!!

Frajercina Day 1,980, 10:41


Dzooka Day 1,980, 10:42



Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,980, 10:43


CHRISTIANE.F Day 1,980, 10:43

go foxland !

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:44

What a retarded request

It's like wanting a private country for your MU.

That's even more outrageous than Orgs for MUs people requested earlier.

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,980, 10:45

Foxland is not just a MU.

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:46

I've heard that before.

Get original.


Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,980, 10:52

It is true, I have never been in the Foxland MU or received any weapons. You're just an asshole giving an opinion about something he doesn't know.

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:58

What i know for fact is non-real life countries won't be added.

So what are we arguing about.

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,980, 11:07

Kosovo is a real country and they put it as Serbia.

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:11

They did a public voting.

99 out of 193 countries is not exactly a majority in real life.

Especially when the majority of Balkans doesn't recognise it.

Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao Day 1,980, 12:28

I don't recognise you as a person, therefore you are not one and are therefore forbidden to reply again.

Alfadi Day 1,981, 07:54


What's next? Chairs and dogs being the same things because they both have 4 legs?

0sebek Day 1,981, 14:05

99 out of 193 countries is not exactly a majority in real life. Well technically it is a majority. It's more than a half therefore it is the bigger number and that is a majority.

tiodio Day 1,980, 10:49

we are not trying to entertain you buddy.. we have fun among us.. if you dont enjoy, go and find someone spreading tanks on an article..

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:50

Then do it on a forum., not in public as an article.

tiodio Day 1,980, 10:52

omg Einstein is totally right.. there is no limits of universe and the stpidness of humanbeings.. 😃

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:54

Yeah because there are so many non-real countries in this game and you want one more


Don't quote einstein, you are merely a human b eing in front of him.

tiodio Day 1,980, 10:57

of course iam a humanbeing.. a normal one.. a regular one.. not an asshole like you 😃

Alfadi Day 1,980, 10:57

Flame on, the request is as retarded as you are.

Arrlo Day 1,980, 11:01

Comment deleted

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:03

Telling me to go suicide real life because in game controversy.

Tell me more about your mature community.

Arrlo Day 1,980, 11:10

Something's obviously causing you major irritation to behave in such an uptight way, I suggest you employ a proctologist specializing in big stick removal.

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:17

Says the guy who pays thousands of euros in a game.

I wonder what makes you such an expert in that stuff, speaking from personal experience eh?

Arrlo Day 1,980, 11:21

What does my disposable income have to do with your miserable attitude?

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:55

My attitude is miserable.

Kay bro.


AlexMCS182 Day 1,980, 11:07

Man, don't take this that seriously lol, it was made to have fun, not in expecting anything xD

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:09

I'm not the one who started randomly RL flaming.

0sebek Day 1,981, 14:07

nope you're the one who started flaming in the first place

Alfadi Day 1,980, 11:08

Comment deleted

J35000 Day 1,980, 10:45


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,980, 10:46

voted (:

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Day 1,980, 10:47


Pfeiffer. Day 1,980, 10:49

They won't add a made up country to the map...otherwise everyone will start demanding the same. Silly is silly.

tiodio Day 1,980, 10:53

we know thats not gonna happen.. so dont worry and keep calm we are all cool xD

AlexMCS182 Day 1,980, 11:09

Instead of taking this too seriously, support me as I supported you for FG 😛

Pfeiffer. Day 1,980, 11:12

you're asking for the admins to make you a new country...slight difference. Also, if you're going to write in English, I suggest you get a proof reader. If you give me a little bit of heads up, I can do it for you.

AlexMCS182 Day 1,980, 11:18

At least I speak more than one language, just sayin' : 3

Pfeiffer. Day 1,980, 11:23

Once the introduce Vatican City, I'll publish in Latin.

BugsBunnyz Day 1,980, 14:48

That speaks much of your intelligence 😃 in fact you write English better then me haha

AlexMCS182 Day 1,980, 12:09

In nominis, spirictus, santis, amen...

AM14 Day 1,980, 13:33

Epic Alex is epic 😛

Fuxxxx Day 1,980, 10:49



Lorcema Day 1,980, 10:50

Great! I sign here!

And, read my article 😃

[CoT] A busy week... with citizens reactions...

Spite313 Day 1,980, 10:51

Everything you do makes me slightly disappointed

TylerTweet Day 1,980, 10:52


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