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Day 1,974, 17:49 Published in USA USA by Bucephalus92

Greetings Bros,

So while I was looking at the world map the other day I noticed the number of countries utilizing the airstrike feature, Argentina air striking the UK, the Republic of Moldova air striking Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina air striking India, you get the idea.

remember when Cod was good?

So as I zoomed around on the old world map I happened to be looking at the Central US when an idea occurred to me. Why not allow Albania to airstrike the US? They could get four resources from us very easily, it would help to reinforce our bond of brotherhood even more (as if thats even possible) and it might make the next time someone invades us very interesting, having an ally and true brother to coordinate with to defend our land. Unfortunately this idea had barely begun to take shape when I realized that it would be impossible.

here you can see numerous ways we could provide our Albanian friends with four bonuses, without losing any of our own

The reason this idea is impossible is that our tow clicking population is so strong that the Albanians would be unable to hold onto any regions we lent them, and our enemies would launch resistance war after resistance war to siphon our damage away from where it was really needed.

here you can see American damage being sucked deep into an abyss from which it will never return

This is why I want to put out the call to the admins to make region renting a feature that is supported in the game. Its something that the players of this game have been taking part in for a long time and has become common place. It is also clear that region renting makes the game more interesting and provides opportunities to less populated countries that otherwise would not exist. Congress should be able to pass laws that rent out regions to other countries for an agreed upon sum of money, for an agreed upon period of time. During this time it should be impossible to launch a resistance war in that region. Are there bigger issues facing this game right now? Of course, the economic module doesn't really exist anymore, the media is basically dead, and the battles we fight in are so meaningless that nobody even bothers to report on them anymore. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to improve this game in small ways as well.

Well thats my rant for right now, let me know what you think about an in game feature supporting region renting in the comments.

If you enjoyed this article and/or think this idea is interesting then feel free to vote, sub, and shout ; )



Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 17:49

Hey look an article \o/

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,974, 17:59

This is a very interesting idea, but would it be "original" regions only? If not, what is to say something like Spain taking over Canadian regions and renting them out to lock out a RW for that time period?

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 18:02

Good point that hadn't occurred to me, I think it would have to apply only to a country's original regions, otherwise as you pointed out it could make it potentially impossible for an occupied country to free themselves.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,974, 23:01

To be honest I was about to propose this idea (for cattle region) to your POTUS but yeah its very hard to hold it because of RW-s...anyways that would be perfect.

bigcdizzle Day 1,974, 18:15

I like the idea.

Kooguy Day 1,974, 18:24


Raw784 Day 1,974, 18:26


Dogpyle Day 1,974, 18:48

Nice article, B92.

The media isn't completely dead. But I'll admit it's getting close.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 18:59

Ya, I just got a little depressed as I looked through other countries media and saw how few were publishing articles in the warfare analysis section.

Clydeo Day 1,974, 18:56

I like this idea but as stated original ideas only. How about there also be a canceling the rent too by a vote.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 19:01

I could see allowing a country to cancel the rental agreement but there could be some argument about how that was done. For instance should the country that leased the regions just get the regions back, or should they have to fight for them? And should the country that was renting the region get their money back if they decide to cancel early?

ungabunga90 Day 1,974, 19:05

not sure Albania would benefit from an airstrike anyway. There would be no direct line to their capital, so the bonuses would not count.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 19:06

Ya for that particular scenario to work Albania would have to be wiped so that their capital could be moved to their US territories.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,974, 23:02

we are wiped.

Strength and Honour

kavinaugh Day 1,974, 19:52

great idea buce

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 19:54

thanks o/

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,974, 19:53

Asking the admins for something, yeah that will never work.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 19:54

lol ya but I've got to write about something.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,974, 20:04

Interesting concept.

GladiatoriKS Day 1,974, 20:07

Love the concept. Hate the fact it will never happen. Great read. Voted. Subbed.

Strength and Honor o>

Derphoof Day 1,974, 20:11

Ermahgerd, I thought of that earlier!

The only problem I could foresee is, as you stated, the possibility of us accidentally retaking the region or having an enemy of Albania tank for us to get it back.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,974, 20:21

indubitably, hopefully if implemented they would also make it so resistance wars could not be launched for the duration of the lease.

Derphoof Day 1,974, 20:22

That would be the best system ever.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,974, 23:03

Good article.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,975, 05:22

Thanks o/

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,975, 08:07

It's a solid idea. Some folks have been asking for it for years... the Admins never have seemed inclined. I assume they see more profit more from the incessant wars then from stability.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,975, 13:31

Ya I don't really expect it to happen, but one can dream.

fingerguns Day 1,975, 08:26

Really good idea

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Day 1,975, 10:31

V+S | great idea but I don't think they would do something like that 😕

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,975, 14:54

This would eventually lower the amount of gold that enters the game (from BH and CH achievements), so the gold will drop even more (to 166cc or even 143cc per gold).

Do you think this is something Plato would find beneficial? Will it motivate people to spend money on the game?

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,977, 00:29

Great idea! Let's do it 🙂

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Day 1,977, 00:54

Nice article mate 🙂

AlBrave Day 1,977, 01:09

why not???

kushtrimzz Day 1,977, 02:38

Great article and good idea, but as you said is almost "impossible" , but hey i love the impossible hehe : )

AlbanianPitbull Day 1,977, 02:55

Great !

Tacaj Ballin
Tacaj Ballin Day 1,977, 02:58

Why not?

Imoenbg1 Day 1,977, 03:14

The idea is ridiculous as it cancels out some tactical features of the game.

RW in rented areas have been used for a long time with great effect. And you want to take that away....

Not a smart move.

erjol1 Day 1,977, 03:48

great idea and usa may take same money for the territories that are wothless and help the albanian as an allie...

Kriegsgott aKa Cyanide
Kriegsgott aKa Cyanide Day 1,977, 04:01

xD !!!!!!!!!!!

Zzo0mlesS Day 1,977, 04:01

Great ! Vote+Sub !

A E N E A S Day 1,977, 04:21

Great article o/ Nothing is impossible bro 🙂 If we can work together we can make it happen o/

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