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A rebel against Serbia

Day 1,897, 02:16 Published in Israel Serbia by eyal575

We are organizing a rebellion against Serbia in Tel Aviv we need only 9 more supporters to declare war.
אנחנו מארגנים מרד נגד סרביה בתל אביב אנחנו צריכים רק עוד 9 תומכים כדי להכריז מלחמה.
ישראל צריכה אותך!
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GadiTab Day 1,897, 05:56

how can i support the rebel. what do i need to do

danis1982 Day 1,897, 06:26

Move to Tel Aviv and finance the RW, you will need 1000 NIS to finance it, and if the RW is winning by Israel you will get 5 Gold and the RW Medal.

GadiTab Day 1,897, 07:37

i wish i had 1000 nis ....

eyal575 Day 1,897, 21:34

כבר יש חמישה תומכים
אנחנו צריכים אתכם

PowerToys Day 1,898, 05:06

And then what?
Fight a resistance with your 70 strength points eyal575??

Learn the game first then re-think.

Lieutenant Lior
Lieutenant Lior Day 1,898, 06:03

Belive me, its plain stupid to just start a rebellion at the moment.

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