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A Quiet Soldier

Day 2,067, 18:31 Published in USA USA by seeker1

1. When and why did you decide to join the Airborne.

I wasn't happy with situation in eCroatia and was trying to find a new challenge. I was looking for new military unit and HisAirness (very grateful to him) recommended eUS military. Back then it still was an official military organization and one of the most powerful organizations in the eWorld so the decision was a very simple one.
After picking an organization, I had to pick a branch. I had the necessary requirements for becoming an Airborne solider and I haven’t regret.

2. You have been with us a long time and are very reliable, but you are a quiet soldier. You were just promoted to PXO. How would you describe your career in the Airborne?

I have been here for more than 3 years. After I came here, I decided to do only the things I have to do and not to spend much time in this game. I wasn’t pushing for promotion actively, but when PCO asked me, I said why not, I’ll be glad to help. Promotion requires even more activity so (hopefully) I’ll be more active member of Airborne in the future.

3. Have you had any especially interesting, exciting, unusual or funny experiences during your time with us?

I can’t really remember (😃), but I enjoyed the contest between Airborne platoons a few days ago. It’s great for raising activity and making more damage for eUSA.

4. What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the Airborne?

Airborne is great. We are the coolest branch in eUS military and in the game. And if that’s not enough, you can get big supplies and have a good time with our members. I haven’t regretted my choice nor will you.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Thanks for the interview.

Click on any of the above logos for more eUS Military newspapers

If you want to become a member of an active community, travel the eworld and do things many never do in this game, you should honestly start thinking about joining the Airborne. We are a fun and active community protecting the eUnited States of America. Heres a little info on our eUS Military branch and how to join today!

Airborne minimum requirements are Division 3 or 4

Apply Here

Not strong enough for the Airborne yet or have no experience with a military group?
Then join the eUS Training Corps!


Sheppherd Day 2,067, 18:35


Piggy Boot
Piggy Boot Day 2,067, 18:52


29HEK Day 2,067, 20:15


Melo G
Melo G Day 2,067, 22:49


RuviG Day 2,068, 01:31


Spottedfrog Day 2,068, 03:30


Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 2,068, 05:30

It's always the quiet ones.

Synesi Day 2,068, 15:30

I was a quiet one :3

Fitisin Day 2,068, 18:54

You left, so ssshhh.

Valdis Day 2,068, 05:55


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 2,068, 06:47


Free Area
Free Area Day 2,068, 06:56

airborne is the best unit on the eplanet earth.

Oblige Day 2,068, 07:18


Billsworth Day 2,068, 08:14


Gant tommy
Gant tommy Day 2,068, 14:24


vrpanch Day 2,068, 16:01

voted! o/

SandalaiM Day 2,068, 16:12


Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 2,068, 16:54


Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 2,068, 17:23


Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,068, 19:27


John Largo
John Largo Day 2,068, 20:31


Lion from Srbija
Lion from Srbija Day 2,068, 22:09

What did u manage in that 3years + except one congress medal? Many players way lower lvl that yours have more strength than u, include me, but i am even smaller compare to many others. So if they make article for u i can't imagine what they should make for some others, like Romper.For him compare to u they should make trilogy book. 😑

Sheppherd Day 2,069, 14:42

You are aware there's other ways to contribute to this game other than fighting? A player does not need to be of a higher level or high strength to be beneficial.

xy2set Day 2,069, 15:17

We can make an article for you.... it'd be on your Serbia True Patoriot history along with your top damage done in a campaign *cough* (PTOer)>

And you can only respect those who have been here a long with with a very minimal amount of medals. It means that they don't waste damage BH hunting and aren't overly addicted to the game like all the VISA players

Lion from Srbija
Lion from Srbija Day 2,070, 03:03

I don't fight every day.I only train and work every day.And fight for my country only when its need.So i don't spill dmg for nothing.So every mine BH is not got from reason that u say just to know.

Sheppherd Day 2,070, 20:40

Dusko 87, fighting for your country doesn't mean fighting in battles eUSA is involved it. It includes fighting for eUSA allies and eUSA interests. Compare your join date to mines then your level to my own. Although you joined a week or two after I have, you have a much lower level than my own which leads me to believe you don't always fight for you country but for your own interests.

You and the AFA complain that these "elitist" are ruining this game? It's funny because I see it as the other way around. The AFA and RGR are nothing more than one big bloody joke. One I find amusing time to time, but in the end, an unnecessary convoluted annoyance.

T.FatherGO Day 2,069, 05:17


Leroy Combs
Leroy Combs Day 2,069, 12:29


ElvenCRO Day 2,069, 17:48


Michael ManyTrees
Michael ManyTrees Day 2,070, 20:49


M A V 1 C
M A V 1 C Day 2,071, 01:45


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