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Day 454, 09:04 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

Today is the day that both in the real-world and in the eWorld we celebrate President's Day. Today also is the day that people start looking at past Presidential actions, defeats and successes, as well as their character and what they brought to the White House.

The President of the eUnited States has always been an oddity compared to his real-life counterpart. Instead of going out and doing Commander-in-Chief things, Presidents bring to D.C. what they thought was neede😛 The Economic Council, SADD, the Department of Education, the Welcoming Committee, and cookies. What they also bring, though, reflects their real-life counterpart. He is the scapegoat when something bad happens – even if he had no power to stop it.

As I sit here, I look on the eUS Forums, the media, and see lots of hate. I have heard nothing but arguments and

complaints since I started in late November. Yes, I am a V1 Baby, despite what some think. “You’re a V1 that talks like a BETA,” says Former President McWalburgson III. Ha, I talk like a BETA? Surprising, since I have butted heads with as many BETA players as I have V1. The hate ranges from a multitude of things.

Too many people are taking real-life concepts and bringing them to this game, pursuing their ideologies as if it were a holy war. I do not know how to break it to the fiscal conservatives that this is a game and we should not take “monetary and fiscal policy seriously.” Yes, for the wealth of the nation, different schools of thought think different things but some people just do not understand some things do not carry over. Inflation, for one, is not the same and neither are the laws of supply and demand. They are ever so different, yet the same.

I've written tens of economic articles, explaining the parallels, similarities, differences, and trends of the markets and economy. I like to think I have a very thorough understanding of the game's overall economic structure.

That is not all, as I look at our past Presidents I see a whole bunch of different programs. Benn Dover's "Moar Wimminz" campaign, the Economic Council, and even newer departments and positions such as a more integrated military and Ambassador program.

In all of this seriousness, the current candidates are debating heavy issues. Taxes, monetary policy, and foreign relations. Except for the latter, a President has no control over those issues. Why debate them? Why must Presidential candidates of today and yesterday debate the economy when it is Congress, and not the President, which dictates the flow?

I understand Atlantis and the "safety blanket" it gives us, but I was once told when I was a child, "never trust someone to do your job for you." Critics and supporters say Atlantis brings defense, but how? When the United Kingdom was losing Belgium did all the other Atlantis countries jump in for complete support, protect their "brother's" land as if it were their own?

I am not here to badmouth this alliance, and I cannot ignore the fact that it gives us more war. I cannot help but think, however, that we have put so much into it and they have given us so little. We now consider Atlantis an ally only for the basis of protection. We are reliant on foreign aid to protect our own homeland? Slap the slavery cuffs on my writs now, PEACE.

Fun? What fun? For those already active in the game and posting on the forums or chatting on IRC this game is fun. What about the others? Some say that big government is a bad thing; I would beg to differ. This game allows us to have positions in-government which add to fun, improve the nation's productivity as a whole (ie. Department of Education, Economic Council, State's Office), and to include more player integration. The more people we have involved in this game, the better it becomes.

The eUSA has a large and wonderful population; one of the few in the eWorld where we are so diverse in opinions and views. We are lacking in enjoyment, but we are also lacking in understanding. This is a game, and nothing more. I enjoy arguing as if this is real-life, but some things just do not apply.

I could go on forever and ever, and I did. By going to the link below you can see my full article, unedited and full of pretty pictures.


For those with the short attention spans, I will just come out and say it. I, Jewitt, hereby announce my Candidacy of the President of the eUnited States of America.

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I would rather not place any sarcasm in this To Do List for once. Hopefully this article was enjoyed.

Keep an eye out, as candidates will start rising out of the wood-works like maggots on an old eCheeseburger.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor