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A Patriot for Country Presidency..

Day 1,988, 18:24 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Nomadicracer

My Fellow Citizens,
Even though we have no Congress, and no land to call our own.. The eNetherlands still has a strong sense of national pride! & Desire to fight for what is ours!! It is in this patriotic spirit i would like to announce my Candidacy for CP in May.

I am rather new in my rebirth to the Erepublik, but i am a strong patriot, and quick study.. With only one real goal here in the new world.. To fight the polish plague, and reclaim our lands.. I know that is a whole lot easier said than done! But i do believe every bullet is worth its weight in gold..
If elected.. My number one goal as CP would be to ensure we have a territory for the next congressional elections.. With out a congress the ability to govern is limited.. The next item that needs addressing is getting involved with more allies.. Whether that involves doing our best to join one of the existing alliances CoT, or Asgaurd.. or getting involved in a sort of coalition against two in Europe.. or even both.. At the end of the day we are going to need a strong backing to secure our land in the long term.. In the short term i believe in a sort of guerrilla warfare against the polish.. Any resistance is better than none! And the more organised, the better!!
I am always open to new ideas, and hope to introduce some of mine in the coming weeks.. whether i am elected or not 🙂
Please Support my bid for CP & feel free to fire any questions my way..
I believe in a more open government.. As a small Country, that should be one of our advantages.. so if you want to get involved.. Your welcome & invited to do so under my administration..
Thanks for your consideration..
If nothing else..
A Patriot!



SKYJACKED Day 1,989, 02:27

Good Luck m8

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,989, 02:56

Good luck, and pls do bring on new ideas, we need them !

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,989, 04:58

I like many of your points

djirtsdew Day 1,989, 07:52

"If elected.. My number one goal as CP would be to ensure we have a territory for the next congressional elections.."
At what price? There definitely are options to convince the ePolish to give us back up to two regions. But it will cost a lot of money, in the form of a monthly rent. As an example, let's say 100% of the congress gold. That would put us in a situation where we have regions, but no profit whatsoever from them. The only advantage would be having a congress, thus also options to accept immigrants.

The alternative to ensure we get back a region, a massive attack on the Polish, will probably empty our state funds... And if the Polish attack us again a week later, they'll take back our region...

If you're prepared to let it take more time, say a few months, we can profit from rarer opportunities, where we can cheaply free one of the regions the Polish don't really care about. But there's no way to guarantee that we'll get such an opportunity before the next congress elections. And even when we use such an opportunity the Polish may be banging on our doors a week later.

Nomadicracer Day 1,989, 08:48

djirtsdew.. thanks for your comment!
First of all, i don't believe in renting our land from the polish.. I believe the polish to be our mortal enemies..and would always rather spend our 'rent' money on the battlefield, than supporting the pink plague..
And without some Allies, and a strong military backing, i don't see any long term stability for the eNetherlands.. I do believe in a coordinated attack to secure a region for the coming congressional elections.. Our issues with the polish obviously can't be resolved in the next month.. But every week we should be working on gathering support & improving relations with every one of the pink's enemies.. The polish have been wiped off the map before, and i believe with enough support, it is possible to do again.. as they say.. History does repeat itself! & i look forward to that day 🙂

Meduhk Day 1,989, 08:54

good luck, V!

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,989, 09:38

What kind of activity will you have?

Nomadicracer Day 1,989, 10:54

Aries Prime,
Thanks for the question.. Of course i would be very interested in hearing what kind of activities you are looking for from your Country & its CP?
I believe information is power.. And as a small country we should excel at communication and coordination.. One area i believe we could be stronger is in our battle plans & prep.. Its one thing to know what the important battle of the day is.. But our Citizens need to know when big battles for our Country are coming.. So they can save their big Artillery in advance for when it matters the most. I do plan on doing my best to keep our populous informed so when we do meet the polish on the battlefield, we are ready with all our big guns, & extra energy saved up for the occasion.. This also includes a better battle tactics education for our newer players.
Another activity i would like to see is weekly discussions of new ideas that can improve our Country.. Its important to get everyone involved, and feel like they are a part of our Country.. If our government model is the same as our larger counter parts we will never stand a chance in overcoming them.. We also need to work on becoming more appealing destination to attract more Citizens.. Hopefully through these discussions we can come up with some agreeable options..
And of course seeking to improve our backing and allies.. Which i would be hoping to receive support and Aid from our Citizens.. As a small Country it is ultra important that we use all of our Citizens resources & connections..
I hope this begins to answer your question..As I plan on staying very active, leading by example, and hoping to inspire the rest of our Citizens to do the same.
ps.. this is a second attempt.. sorry if its choppy or incomplete.. after writing a long reply,i was very happy with!! & hastily forgetting to copy before i posted, good ol Erepublik timed out, and i lost it.. along with my patience for a perfect second run!

atsan Day 1,989, 16:02

i think he wants to know how active you are.

Nomadicracer Day 1,989, 19:09

"As I plan on staying very active, leading by example, and hoping to inspire the rest of our Citizens to do the same."

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Day 1,989, 10:37

Good luck mate! Voted. o7

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,989, 11:40

Voted, good luck!

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,989, 12:41

Good luck 🙂

Taffin Day 1,992, 13:03


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